How to Choose the Right Kind of Lanyard Badge Holder?

If you are an owner and your office is ready to introduce new employee programs, you should initially purchase plenty of lanyard badge holders. Are you completely messed-up with numerous ideas coming into your mind? To choose some common identity accessories and card carriers, most people will only get vague ideas, such as – some plastic slips to carry identity cards and means wearing cards only. 

That’s right, although aren’t very much helpful!

In many circumstances, people aren’t conscious about available options and not only simple identity badge holders. Therefore, company owners must consider all the possibilities – color, rigidity, clear, multi-card, shielded, premium vinyl, credential wallet, and sturdy badge holders. 

However, its catalog isn’t only restricted to the above-mentioned and goes on and on. That’s adequate overwhelming any shopper and makes your purchasing process much more complex as well. Therefore, company owners must zero in on a right lanyard badge holder for employee’s needs. 

And so, you initially should ask yourself a number of questions, which includes –

  1. What Type Of ID Card Are You Carrying? 

The common identity accessories are custom-made with similar operations, involving carrying your professional identity card, which users must put inside the badge holder. If you’ve chosen magnetic stripe cards, you ought to select something easier to swipe the card. Therefore, you will get options of lanyard holders with thumb-notch for easy card removal. 

However, if you’ve chosen smart cards, you must opt for rigid badge holders to help prevent inserted credentials from bending. That’s extremely important as a simple curve can ruin your smart card’s internet chip as its powers. 

  1. How Many ID Cards You Need To Carry?

If your company is offering just one identity card, you must choose badge holders with room for one identity card is enough. However, some companies issue multiple credentials, such as – one identity card, one online payment card, and other cards used in the company’s cafeterias or other areas, which requires more storage room.  

If your company only needs carrying a single card, you can get ample badge holder options available in the market. Meanwhile, if your company is in search of multiple-card solutions, you will only get options for 3-Card B-Holders or Credential Wallets

  1. Are You Concerned About Identity Theft?

If you are using smart cards and concerned about identity stealing, which is called “skimming” and a serious issue recently. Thus, using shielded badge holders you can simply prevent such problems in using smart cards. This kind of badge holder uses a small piece of metal to avert the inserted card from being read. 

In case you are using a smart card as access control and identity purpose, you must consider whether you want protection against identity stealing or not. That’s completely your choice to make the right decision. 

  1. How Do You Want To Wear Your ID Card?

Of course, you can wear badge holders in several ways. These badge holders come with metal clips, which can simply get attached with your pockets or shirts along with accessories storage space. These are also available with chain gaps worn around your neck and used as armbands. 

First, you’ve to choose means you want to use your identity badge holders is a correct step towards finding the right one for your office. If you want a one-item solution, you must choose badge holders with attached clips. However, if you are interested in customized badge reels, you’ve to expand your option accordingly. 

Once you’ve answered every important question, your comparison with remaining identity card carriers will get clarified, such as – pricing, criteria, minimum ordering quantity, and shipment options available over the internet. To choose the right lanyard badge holder, you must consider what satisfies your exact needs. 

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