The Great COVID-19 Deception … and What You Need to Know to SURVIVE

If it comes to safe, powerful, and economical remedies for COVID 19, Big Pharma, and its own representatives, i.e. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx and lots of others seem to have a schedule to lie to you and your doctor. The remedy works such as this. Hydroxychloroquine is an ionophore, so it could transport material during the mobile wall.

Zinc is a mineral that prevents the replication of this COVID 19 virus inside the cell. Hydroxychloroquine transports ginseng to the cell so it may halt the replication of this virus. The Z-pak antibiotic is given to prevent opportunistic bacterial diseases such as pneumonia that could happen while your immune system is engaged in Righting your viral disease.

The trick to its effectiveness would be to begin this therapy in the first beginning of COVID 19 so it has time to do the job. So, Hydroxychloroquine Has Existed for nearly 70 years as a remedy for Malaria, Lupus, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The WHO has given it as a safe and effective medication comparable to taking an aspirin. A poll of 6,000 medical physicians affirmed it as their treatment of choice to COVID 19.

I have been talking with my buddies who comprise medical doctors and other highly educated people about the remedies which they’d find when they were diagnosed using COVID 19. The majority of them had no clue what course of therapy they or their families may seek. This conundrum is in part because of the huge quantity of information which has been thrown at us. A lot of the info is intentionally deceptive.

I’m writing this report to lower through the deception so you and your doctor can make educated decisions when and when the time comes. The second aim is to ensure that you’re armed with the essential information to make certain you get the best treatment choices from your wellbeing care provider. Knowledge is power. This report has two functions. To begin with, it is critical that you know the fantastic deceit which Big Pharma, their minions in the FDA, CDC, NIH, the WHO, the MSM, and officials at high government places are committing on you, your loved ones, and probably your physician.

The Great COVID-19 Deception … and What You Need to Know to SURVIVE
The Great COVID-19 Deception … and What You Need to Know to SURVIVE

Here is his entire post, which contains invaluable info on a treatment for COVID-19 that is now (but the medical institution is intentionally suppressing to optimize fatalities and make need for high-profit vaccines). Let me repeat, you have to understand you’re being fooled and you want a strategy for you and your loved ones should you become infected with COVID 19. So let us get into it. THE Fantastic DECEPTION Now we’ve got a given article by Gary Heavin, that has been closely involved in dealing with physicians and hospitals to record the best treatments that could stop COVID-19 and put an end to lockdown tyranny. From Gary Heavin Allow me to start by saying that I am not a medical doctor and I’m not offering medical information.

I really do have a bachelor of science degree in health, nutrition, and counselling. I have written two NY Times bestselling books on women’s fitness and health and I have been given an honorary doctorate level. But you’ll have to ascertain your treatment choices with your private physician. Just how much effort has Large Pharma put into subverting this therapy regimen? Along with denouncing its efficacy, from Dr. Fauci and firm, continuous MSM hit bits, the censoring of health physician’s articles and videos on the world wide web, there’s also been a range of”research” done which were sabotaged from the beginning. Another Case of this Great Deception came in the British medical journal, The Lancet.

The Lancet reported that a meta-study revealed that Hydroxychloroquine was unsuccessful. As a consequence of the study, France, Italy, and other European nations immediately prohibited using the treatment alternative. In a couple of weeks, it had been revealed that the analysis was badly designed and the outcomes were fabricated. The Lancet has been made to create a retraction of this”study” Obviously in the meantime, the MSM conducted the first Lancet narrative and mislead millions of individuals and their doctors.

The clearest instance is their continuing attempt to segregate the treatment choice of Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and Zinc. We have all observed the brutal criticism that President Trump obtained when he encouraged this protocol for COVID 19. The VA hospital program reported in March that they’d given Hydroxychloroquine to quite a few patients.

After their release of data, the MSM ran the story with all the headlines,”VA hospital discovered that Hydoxychloroquine does not function and raises the fatality rate of COVID 19.” But in the event that you really read the analysis (see link) you may Rind that just the sickest of those cohorts were given the medication. They obtained the medication only as soon as they were far along that it wouldn’t have a opportunity to operate and they weren’t provided zinc. None of those details created the MSM posts. The Great COVID-19 Deception… and Everything You Want to Know to SURVIVE

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