The best method of Penis Enlargement

The best method of Penis Enlargement
The best method of Penis Enlargement

How to enlarge the penis

Enlargement of the organs can be realized in two ways, either by lengthening or increasing its thickness. Of course, combining both options is not ruled out, but this also brings with it more demanding implementation procedures.

Here are the options you have in a situation where you want to have your organs enlarged:

Surgical solution

The surgical solution can help you enlarge the organs in length and thickness, using the method of detaching the organs from its fibrous attachments or implanting fat. The first alternative is permanent and serves to lengthen the p*nis, but there is a risk of postoperative injuries. The second alternative is intended for the thickening of the organs, but it is only temporary.

Exercise and massage

On improving organs blood flow, which in turn improves its size, they are accustomed to using different kinds of exercises or massages. A very common technique is to massage the organs in a semi-flaccid and semi-erect state, which may resemble its milking and is also called Jelqing. Several other exercises work on a similar principle, but their end result is rather smaller for the time being.

Vacuum pumps and their analogs

Surely you’ve heard something about vacuum pumps, erection rings, or water pumps. It is about enlarging the organs by creating a vacuum, which causes a larger volume of blood to accumulate directly in the limb. Subsequently, the blood in the p*nis is retained by the erection ring, which results in its thickening and lengthening. However, be careful of the actual use, it can lead to injuries.


In cases of micro organs and serious disorders affecting the length of the organs, so-called stretchers are also used. These are devices that gradually lengthen the p*nis with a pull. During the pull, micro cracks form in the organs, which is then filled with new tissue, and thus the genitals are lengthened. However, several months of use are also required, and care must be taken to avoid injury.

Creams and gels

For men who are trying to work to increase their nature, there are special creams and gels for external use. They are mostly of natural composition and should support the quality of blood supply to the genitals, which will contribute to its enlargement. However, their effectiveness is questionable because external use is always a bit for “long elbows.”

Tablets for erection and organs enlargement

On the contrary, pills with natural content are already “another coffee” in terms of effectiveness. I have personally tried several brands, so I dare say that many of them have good potential to help most men with normal p*nis enlargement. Get Fildena at himsedpills it is necessary to beware of those who promise very great to unrealistic effects because it is really a waste of money.

Frequently asked questions about organs size problems.

Many men would like to know the answer not only to what can cause a smaller p*nile but also to how it can be treated professionally. These are the questions I have collected and added to them my answers, which also reflect my own experience. Here are:

How do I know I have a “small” p*nis?

Here you do not rely on numbers, but also on your partner’s own feeling and opinion. Of course, there is always room for improvement, but if you do not suffer from the so-called thin mini p*nis, I would compare the size of the p*nis with a certain tolerance compared to the stated values. However, be sure not to underestimate anything and try to solve your problem.

Will my cock too short or too thin prevent me from fertilizing a woman?

This may not be the case at all, because other factors are important here, such as the quality of the sperm, their motility, and many others. On the other hand, for the best possible penetration, it is important that the organs is as deep as possible at the moment of ejaculation. This can be a bit of a problem with a small limb.

Is an erection problem really related to p*nis size?

Not necessarily, but in many cases, it really is. Therefore, I would definitely recommend focusing on this factor, because if you do not have any serious illness or congenital defect, a weakened and weakened erection goes hand in hand with a p*nis that is too short or thin. Not always and necessarily, but many times try Fildena 120 and Vigora 100 to get strong erectile.

How to distinguish ineffective solutions from effective ones?

I don’t want to immediately throw away some ways of solving a small organs, but first, ask yourself what is and what is not real. Only surgery can ensure a visible resizing of a few centimeters. All other methods can only achieve limited magnification or coarsening. If they say the opposite, they will be untrustworthy to me.

I’m afraid I won’t hurt myself. How to enlarge your organs safely?

I emphasize that you must not forget about safety, because the consequences can be, in extreme cases, lifelong. Personally, I consider tablets to be the safest and most effective way to enlarge the organs. Of course, only the ones that work.

How organs enlargement tablets work and why I recommend them

At the outset, I will say that you do not require any enlargement of the genitals by 5 centimeters or thickening by a similar number. On the other hand, I can confirm that many of them work, so it makes sense to at least try them, especially if you are looking for a safe option.

In terms of effects, p*nis enlargement can be provided based on the following factors:

Improves erection: 

The goal of the products is better to smooth muscle function and improved blood flow to the organs, which means a better erection.

Increases libido: 

I’m not saying that a stronger desire for s*x means a bigger organs, but along with other factors, I certainly wouldn’t underestimate the effect of this effect.

Promotes better blood circulation in the long run: 

The aim of the pills is not only to improve the erection at the beginning but also to support better blood flow to the p*nis in the long run and thus erection strength.


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