How to decide whether to get a rowing machine for home exercise

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Moreover, to get fit and into the shape, you need to use the rowing machine at least four times a week, so if you don’t enjoy the action of a rower, you won’t use it. However, if you have used in a gym and loved the action, then it’s probably the right buy. Also, you must ask yourself some of the questions before buying a rowing machine.

Questions to ask yourself before buying Rowing Machine

Do you like the rowing action?
How much can you afford to spend?
How frequently you think you can use the rowing machine?
Do you have enough space for a rowing machine?
Know about different types of Rowing Machine!
Now each type of rowing machine has its unique set of characteristics, advantages as well as disadvantages. So, knowing about the different resistance types of a rowing machine give you a basic understanding of how rowing machines function. If you do not wish to opt for indoor workout, you can get a road bike and start cycling. These are some of the best road bikes which comes under 1000 recommended by

We have featured the 4 of the rowing machine below with a brief description.

Air Rowing Machine

The air rowing machine is the most common resistance type in gyms as well as health clubs. Moreover, the resistance level of the air rowing machine can be determined by the user’s rowing intensity or power.

Hydraulic Piston

The hydraulic piston is compact as well as easy to store away when not in use. In this, the resistance is usually adjustable, and the hydraulic pistons which are responsible for creating resistance are very quiet.


The magnetic rowing machine is the quietest rowers as it uses the magnetic braking system which is principally used to provide resistance and thus create no noise. The rowing motion of the magnetic is smooth as well as resistance is usually adjustable.


The water provides one of the most realistic rowing motion that feels and sounds like you’re rowing on the water. These are fundamentally similar to the air resistance because the user’s rowing intensity determines the resistance.

Make sure you have enough Space!

Obviously, if you are looking to buy a rowing machine first, you need to make sure that you have adequate space. What’s the point of trying to find the perfect rowing machine if you don’t have enough space to keep a rowing machine.

Moreover, hydraulic piston rowing machines generally cover the smallest area of your room. However, water and air resistance machines have the largest. You need to know the Length X Width X Height of the rowing machine before you buy.

Figure out your budget before buying any Rowing Machine
The most important thing which you must keep in mind before buying any rowing machine is your budget and simply stick to it. You can buy from under $100 to $3000!

Generally, anything you buy, the higher the sales price, the higher the quality will be. So, always keep in mind when determining your budget. Moreover, you must be stick on the budget as it prevents you from overspending on the model you all of a sudden fell in love for.

Note: Remember that there are quality rowing machines in both the “Low End” and “Mid Range” categories.

How you use the Rowing Machine?

The next thing which you must remember is that you’re going to be exercising on it; however, there are some additional things which you must consider while using a rowing machine.

Is your rowing machine being used residentially or commercially?

All indoor rowing machines are ready for home use; however, not all the indoor rowing machines are prepared to be used commercially in gyms, health clubs as well as boathouses.

Now, if you are going to use your rowing machine for strictly home use, then any unit you choose will be the best. However, in case you are looking to use it commercially, then make sure to select a machine that’s commercial-grade and built for heavy usage.

The Final Verdict

Unfortunately, the manufacturers of the rowing machine are biased, and the retailers only provide the information which is not enough detail. There are four types of rowing machine which you can buy, and each rowing machine has different quality.

The machines are categorized differently like build quality, resistance type, performance monitor, comfort, user capacity, warranty, pros and cons, and many more such things. Moreover, if you’re looking for an unbiased machine review, you can find one on the internet.
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The process of buying the best rowing machine isn’t that simple and easy, but hopefully, the guide which we have published can help you in deciding whether to get a rowing machine for home exercise or not.


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