Benefits of wearing a blue sapphire stone

Neelam stone is also commonly known as the blue sapphire stone and this is said to be a very expensive among all the gem stones that are available in the market. Also according to Hindu astrologers, this one is ruled by the Saturn planet and hence it is the hardest of all the gem stones.

Neelam stones are considered to be the most powerful stone because once it is worn they start showing  fast results in the wearer’s lives. This is a very string gem stone and so it can bring some powerful changes in the wearer’s life.

But this is a very powerful stone and hence one must not wear this without having any sort of expert intervention. One needs to have a proper recommendation from the renowned astrologer before wearing this stone. One cannot wear this stone just like that because then it can also have some negative effects on the wearer if the stone does not suit them and these negative effects can be as big as accidents, health hazards and even financial loss.

Now what will be the exact price of a neelam stone depends on how original and authentic the stone is. One must check the cutting, luster and the color of the stone so that they can be sure about its authenticity. It also depends on how many rattis one will be buying of that stone.  Mostly the standard neelam gem stone price varies from Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000. But there are some blue sapphire stones that are unique and hence priceless. They are mostly kept in museums for a show.

Here are some major benefits of wearing a neelam gemstone:

  • It has been mentioned that it is the fastest acting stone and once the wearer starts wearing it, they get immediate results. This can bring wealth, good luck a lot of good opportunities and quite a fortune. 
  • If one is into higher studies or some research then blue sapphire stone can be very beneficial for them. This is because it increases the concentration power of the wearer and they can do well even if they are in any target oriented jobs.
  • Neelam stones also have a lot of health benefits. It can help in solving some metabolism and digestion related issues. If one is suffering from stomach ache, groin or other stomach issues then this can be of great help. Neelam stone can also help in curing diseases and ailments like bone cancer, stroke, paralysis and other kidney related issues.
  • It is also said to be a protective stone and so when one wears this, it can keep them safe from jealousy and hexing. It can also provide protection from accidents and thefts. Hence they provide high security to the wearer.

One can buy neelam gem stone from any authentic gem stone websites if they want to purchase it online. Or else they can try Khanna Gems where the head Mr Pankaj Khanna has introduced his 30 years of experience to choose authentic gem stones.

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