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You may have heard about webs and apps and what are their roles. This is a wide field that we cannot discuss in a single article. The progressive web is one of them that helps us to download any application from the web easily.

It is a combination of the best features of the site and mobile application built-in. In practice, this means that such a site can be accessed by users as well as the application and the most interesting thing is an Internet connection is not necessary for this. 

In this article, we will look at the role, importance, and benefits of the Progressive Web app. Firstly, we will throw light on the web app, then move towards the process. 

The installation process of web apps

The installation process of such an application is an effortless task that we can perform easily. On the other hand, you just have to click directly from the browser. 

Further, this is a new technology for interacting with the target audience, which requires minimal effort from the user. 

According to surveys, most smartphone users do not download any applications during the month. So, google progressive web apps for iOS and Android can be installed instantly. After that, support automatic updates, working on the site is possible offline. Then, the ability to receive push notifications makes working with this solution even more convenient.

What are major areas and key elements of Progressive Web Application technology

Here are the major key elements of Web progressive App. Let’s take a look at the key components of the Progressive Web Application technology. 

Service Workers The original nucleus of a PWA is Service Worker. It is a proxy layer between front-end and back-end placed in the browser. So, all the requests pass through it. 

Such separation into two independent layers allowed Google developers to make the transition from a traditional website to a PWA as simple and smooth as possible. 

Service Worker has access to Cache Storage for getting web resources and to IndexDB for receiving data. The main benefit here is the full freedom of business logic implementation. 

Programming point of view 

From a programming point of view, the Service Worker is a JavaScript file that is connected to the webpage HTML code. 

This file allows a developer to define the operational logic of receiving front-end requests and other functionality. Then, HTTPS A PWA uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) which makes all website resources to be sent via bidirectional encryption. 

An example for better understanding 

Let’s assume you have a website with a header, two sidebars, and a footer. When you remove the webpage content and dynamic elements, the remaining static data stand for the app shell. 

So, the matter is that the app shell is stored on the client’s side and becomes uploaded during the PWA launch. Only then the dynamic data is uploaded to the app shell from a network. 

While loading, the app shell needs to look properly (right position of loaders, and so on). You can think of such a website architecture (content and other dynamic data uploading through Ajax requests) in advance. 


This way, the transition from a website to PWA is easy and quick. Web App manifest (‘Add To Homescreen’ option) It is a JSON file that defines the app name, icon, what will the PWA look like (fullscreen, standalone, and so on) and other parameters in a declarative manner. 

Web App manifest allows installing a PWA as a separate application to your home screen. 

Push Notifications

It is the most valuable feature of Progressive Web Apps as it can increase engagement by approximately 4 times. 

To illustrate, Treebo received a 4x increase in conversion rate after launching their PWA with push notifications. To make the understanding of the PWA core elements loud and simple, we offer you to look at the following schema that perfectly illustrates the core building blocks of PWA and their description.


It has many benefits that we can discuss over here. these benefits make it popular among other apps. These help you to choose it easily.


After downloading it, you can see it on the screen of your system. Furthermore, you can click it to run it. Most noteworthy, this app contains a different icon. This icon will be visible to you. So, you can use it easily.  

Modern web apps can have this native app feel via properties set in the Web app manifest. And via a feature available in modern smartphone browsers called a web app installation.


This is one of the most noticeable features of the web is the ability to link to an app at a specific URL. And without the need for an app store. This is a remarkable process and element. 


Everyone looks for this type of application that does not irritate. Therefore, we have modern progressive modern web apps that can work when the network is unstable. 

The basic ideas behind network independence are to be able to: Revisit a site and get its contents even if no network is available. After that, browse any kind of content the user has previously visited. Moreover, even under situations of poor connectivity. Above all, you can control when there is no connectivity.

Sounds Safe 

It is very secure that no-one can steal it or make any errors in your system. The developers are very expert. Therefore, they make it with a secure process. 

It is very effortless for users to ensure that they’re installing the right app because its URL will match your site’s domain. 

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