Medical Machines used for the proper Treatment of Covid-19 Virus

The use of technology is very common in many fields, it provides a different type of facilities and comforts for people which are available in many forms. These technologies are also used for performing multiple actions. We all know that for the economy and development of our country we need lots of productions for our products which cannot be done by a normal person easily. So, there are many machine manufacturing companies available which produced a different type of technical machines by using technologies. Many of these machines are also used for completing different activities with proper handling. These machines are used to perform multiple actions for completing tasks that are available in different firms and industries. The machines which are used in these industries are very time consuming and can perform multiple tasks in a short period. Just like other fields, these machines also play an important role in medical and pharmaceutical firms.

In the medical field, the doctor performs multiple diagnoses processes for monitory the human body and different type of diseases which are involved in the human body. There are many machines available which can perform a different type of diagnostic processes in medical industries and hospitals. The machines which are used in medical departments are very expensive to use and need proper handling techniques for operating. Many portable medical machines are used by nurses while the heavy or large machines are used by the doctors under the supervision of laboratory technicians. There are many machines available in hospitals that need important pre-cautions for use and need proper handling during operations. But the most important machines are ICU beds and Ventilator machines.

ICU Beds

There are many machines available in hospitals and other medical clinics that are used for the comfort of the patients. But the most important are ICU beds. These type of beds are mostly used by doctors and surgeons which help them to give extra treatments to the patients. Mostly these beds are available in emergency departments and different ICU units. What are the ICU Units? The full form of ICU unit is an Intensive care unit (ICU) which is also known as an Intensive therapy unit, it is a special kind of department available to hospitals or health care facilities that provide intensive treatment medicines to patients. The ICU beds are used by doctors for providing intensive treatments for patients. These treatments involve the catering of patients from severe or life-threatening illnesses and injuries, which can be control and monitor by constant care, close supervision from life support equipment, and medications. Because of the popular use of ICU beds in Hospitals, the ICU bed price in Pakistan is affordable and can be used in many surgical labs and multiple medical facilities.

Use of ICU Beds for Covid-19 virus patients

For a few months, the whole world is affected by an un-certain virus which is popularly known as Covid-19 or Corona Virus. This virus has affected thousands of patients which are available worldwide. Many patients have consist of death without getting proper handling and treatments of this virus. That’s why many hospitals and isolation department uses such type of ICU bets for providing proper treatment to the patients who have become the victims of this virus.

Ventilator Machines & Corona Virus

The ventilator machine is the machine that uses the ICU bed and provides mechanical ventilation for providing extra breath to the serious and severe patients who have been victimized by the viruses which may cause their death. These ventilator machines are also used to delivered breaths to the patient who is physically unable to breathe. There are now many modern ventilators present which is computerized microprocessor-controlled machines and can be also used for the treatment of Corona Virus patients. The main cause of coronavirus is that it directly hits the lungs available inside our body and provides difficulty to breathe which causes the death of patients that’s why many hospitals and medical facilities use ventilation machines for the isolation of corona victims. Due to the commonly used, for now, the ventilator machines price in Pakistan is very expensive that’s why they are not available in many medical facilities. 

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