Pet Safe Cleaning Sprays

A great number of young and old people love to keep pets. They keep pets just like their children give them care, attention, love and worry about their safety. So, they remain searching for the best pet-friendly disinfectant to kill germs. Zoflora fresh home-mountain air disinfectant is the best one in this regard.

Although there are a great number of pet-safe cleaning sprays, Zoflora’s product offers fragrance also. It is better than others because it:

  • is vegan friendly
  • does not contain phenol
  • eradicates odour
  • is secure for use around pets

Usage of pet-friendly disinfectant

It is applicable to every place where pets go. These places include pet’s beds like dog beds, cat beds, kitten beds, puppy beds, etc. You can also apply it on cages of your pets. Moreover, it is useable on hard floors and carpets because pets move in the whole house.

How can we use it? “Or” What are safety measures about its use? These questions, people often ask. If you want to get rid of the unpleasant smell of debris of pet from home, you can find a solution here.


Advantages of pet-friendly disinfectant include:

  • Pet debris

First, remove the debris from floor or clean wearing gloves. Then, dilute it, and apply it using a piece of cloth on that surface. It will eradicate not only odour but also kill all the germs like bacteria from that place. Fresh and pleasant smell, you will also smell at that place.

  • Pet beds and cages

You can clean your pet’s soft, plastic or metal beds killing bacteria and viruses using Zoflora pet-safe disinfectant. First, you dilute the disinfectant and soak a piece of cloth in it. Then, apply it on the pet bed or cage gently rubbing the cloth on the surface. Do not allow your pet to go to its bed or cage until it dries.

Germs killed

Zoflora disinfectant kills bacteria and viruses up to 99%. It eliminates germs which cause diarrhoea, flu, snuffles in rabbits, kennel cough in dogs, etc.

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