8 Compelling Reasons to Hire an iPhone App Development Agency

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michael weidemann 1XXqGbkRJD8 unsplash 1

There is no better way to reach customers than a mobile app (of course, after a stellar website).  Now that customers are using smartphones, it makes sense to have a mobile presence too, and be where your customers are. Statistics say that by 2020, the number of smartphone users will become 6.1 billion. This is about 70% of the world’s population. Creating an app is not as simple as it sounds, especially if you are considering an iOS app. 

It pays off to hire an iPhone app development agency to create your app rather than keeping an in-house team of developers or turning to freelancers. Wondering why? Let’s have a look at 8 essential reasons to work with an agency: 

1: You Get a Dedicated Team

Since you are hiring a dedicated agency, their job is to develop apps. You no longer have to spread the focus of your resources into creating an app while you are also working on your core business operations. By choosing an agency, you are hiring someone to make an app for you using their years of experience. If you already have a small IT department or a bunch of in-house designers, they might be able to offer help and take extra work off the plate but you can free them up completely and let them focus on their own tasks by hiring a dedicated agency instead.

2: Specialized Knowledge 

Tech people in your team might be the jack of all trades and have knowledge of coding and development but most of them lack the specialized expertise for building an app with all the unique features you are looking forward to adding in a mobile app. 

It’s wiser to choose a specialized agency for this job. They must be familiar with all the industry best practices, trends, and years of experience. In other words, you will be relying on experts who have dedicated their lives to mastering the art of developing iOS apps.

3: Fixed Price Contracts 

The cost of hiring a developer depends on the person you are hiring especially if you want to choose a freelancer instead of an agency. Some freelance developers quote different prices based on the requirements and features of the app. This could become costly for a business.

Going for an iOS app development agency minimizes the cost and the hassle of negotiating the price. Normally, these agencies have a fixed price for their work, and all terms and conditions are mentioned in the contract.

Some agencies ask you about your budget and help tone down the extra features that won’t add much value to the app. So, basically, you will stay within your budget.

4: Access to Project Managers

Building an iOS app is not an easy feat. For budding companies, this could feel quite overwhelming.  When you hire an agency to work on your app, they assign a dedicated project manager to keep track of the progress. They are your point of contact. They communicate with the client as well as the developers.

Having a project manager to bridge the communication gap and keep track of the progress is an effective way of reducing stress and ensuring everyone is on the same page. 

5: Quality Services and More Profitability 

It’s important to have a mobile app now to compete and win customers. Hiring an agency ensures you build a product that’s functional, aesthetically pleasing, and filled with great features. Building a quality app will increase the chances of maximizing profitability and getting the highest possible ROI. 

Agencies also have a quality assurance team working with. After developing the iOS app, they perform the test and identify potential bug, making your app ready to bring leads. 

6: Long-Term Relationship 

There are good chances your app needs updates time after time and new features as your company grow. Even if you are not adding new features, it’s mandatory to spruce up the aesthetics, boost functionality, and make other tweaks to keep the audience engaged. 

Freelance developers may not have the time to offer to support after they are done with your app. they often get busy in other projects. Here, an iOS app development agency’s services will beat the blues. Most contracts include maintenance services. They are also into building a long-term relationship because it’s the matter of the reputation of their agency. Businesses can take advantage of that and get in touch with the agency whenever they need support. The agency will not say no.

7: Access to the Best Technology 

Agencies have access to the most advanced technology because IOS app development is what they do. They would know more about their field than anyone else. Since agencies are competing as well, each one tries its best to have the industry leaders.

They will know which platforms to work with and which not, what features to include, which features are most acceptable these days, how to make your app faster, how to get approved on App store, which versions of tools and technologies to use, and more. Working with such an agency means you will have a quality digital product that’s liked by your target audience. 

8:  Flexible Engagement 

App development agencies understand this well that each project has its unique needs and would require a different engagement model. Therefore, they don’t just stick to fixed cost services, they are willing and ready to be flexible with the engagement. They have weekly, hourly, and monthly project cycles. They can also design a custom one for you based on the unique business needs.

The Bottom

These reasons make it very evident that no matter what size of business you are running and what your app needs, working with a professional iOS app development agency is the right approach. Agencies are not always an expense. If you do some research, you might also come across new agencies that great starting rates that you can afford. 

Working with an agency is the best decision if you want an app that meets and even exceeds the customers’ expectations. Spend all the time you can to find a professional and reliable agency to work on a great iOS app.


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