Pick the Classic Characters for Halloween 2020

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The latest influx of superheroes and villains have made selecting a costume for Halloween a hefty task. Every year there is a significant addition to the number of superheroes. With exciting new releases, there are many new characters that everyone gets to gush over. While the new characters have their charm and lure, you can never forego the enthralling looks a classic hero possesses. 

From the dynamic red Akira Jacket to the much-loved Superman’s long red cape, these costume choices have been around for a long time. You can pretty much google vintage photos for these costumes and spend hours going through them. Even though they are familiar and mainstream, some people revel in the beauty of the classics. 

The timeless vibe you get from a costume that can withstand the eras’ changes and decades on its own with unique features is not easy to come by. They are rare and possess even rarer characteristics. Hold tightly on these limited pieces that were released when you were only starting in the world!

Batman from The Dark Knight 

Bruce Wayne, orphaned at a very young age, had an empire to take care of him. He was brought up by Alfred, who gave him the confidence he needed to become a better version of himself. To save Gotham from the holds of evil was not an easy task. There is never a single person destroying Gotham. Groups and gangs are bent on ruining this city and bringing it to ashes. 

The city that thrives on murders and burglaries needed someone to save them in the dark of the night when such activities took place. Batman’s dark costume was the perfect fit for him to blend in with the darkness. He fights hard and has won several times against his enemies. His archenemy, Joker, even fought with him multiple times. 

Known as The Dark Knight, Bruce is famous for leading a double life. An elite CEO during the daytime, he is the renowned vigilante of any fear at night. Skilled in hand to hand combat, he is probably the only hero who has no superpowers. (He is not even half celestial) 

From brute strength and a genius mind, he singlehandedly fights the evil. It is only fair that he remains a classic hero since he has a lot to give us. From a mind-blowing costume to well-laid life lessons, Batman has everything for his fans! 

Spiderman – Marvel’s Most Loved 

Spiderman also lost his parents when he was very young. He is more sensitive than other superheroes making him a more relatable character for the majority of fans. He is leading the charts as the most favorite Marvel Comic’s character of all time. 

The latest generation grew up watching Spiderman struggling with the losses of his loved ones and acquiring superpowers accidentally. He is naïve and young. He explores his surrounding with a curiosity that is not present in every other famous character. His entanglements with others around him show he has a pure heart that is ready to defend anyone. 

Spiderman is brave and courageous, but at the same time, he exhibits shy behavior too. None of the other superheroes found exhibiting these tendencies making him unique and unforgettable. The reason many people prefer their children to grow up watching him is the same. The way Spiderman deal with his emotional growth is inspiring and beautiful. 

His character deserves to live through the challenges of time so that others after us can appreciate his amazing character as well. His face mask plus full red costume is ideal for the current situation when face masks are a necessity. The spooky day’s preparations can benefit a lot from this well-planned costume! 

Fairytale – A Forever Favourite

Girls or boys – both have a knack for fairy tales no matter what they say. Since in the last decade, they were all anyone discussed, it was hard not to drool after the fantastic land of impossibly handsome and elegant beings. Whether it is your drowsy queen, aka Sleeping Beauty, or her evil godmother, aka Maleficent, both have stellar costume inspirations.

There are many retellings of these classic fairy tales. Red riding hood does not have to wear a red cape anymore but can also portray a dynamic red leather jacket that comes with a hood. The best part about these characters is that they evolve with time but always carry their true essence. 

The Belle from Beauty and the Beast is no longer a timid girl but an adult with the knowledge of the world. You can dress up accordingly and portray the version that feels the best for giving your costume a unique personalized touch! 

Shontaro Kaneda from Akira 

The list of classic heroes without Shontaro Kaneda is impossible. The brave young hero who fought against the traditional societal norms with courage back in the 80s is a favorite for all the right reasons. He is a symbol for young rebellions and a mind-blowing character who paved the way for anime. 

Shontaro is the protagonist of the manga series and its film adaptation, Akira. The classic film provided an outstanding scenery of neo-Tokyo that sits too well with the current surroundings. Shontaro’s signature outfit consisting of a red leather jacket, aka Akira Kaneda Jacket and matching red pants is still a favorite. 

The biker gang leader, The Capsules, Kaneda, also possessed a savior’s heart rushing to save anyone in trouble. Like other superheroes, Kaneda is an actual name that needs to stay in the limelight so that everyone can appreciate the legacy of this iconic character. While you are dressing up as the young hero is only going to bring more attention to you as Akira is known as the pioneering film for Japanese hand-drawn animation!


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