Halloween Alert! Joker Character is still in the Game!

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The famous villain, the Joker, is back in the Todd Phillips’ standalone film featuring the gut-wrenching origin story of the complicated character. The film released in December 2019 revived the hype for the most brutal villain of all time. Now that Halloween preparations are in the pipelines and the socially distant gatherings are being arranged here and there, the search for mind-blowing Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 is picking up speed.

You would be surprised to know that many classic characters attract more audiences than any of the new ones. The charm of the characters everyone grew up watching never got matched with characters just appearing a couple of years ago. Joker is a childhood nightmare-inducing character that everyone from both millennials and Gen Z has ample info. No one has beaten him in fame or crimes. He has his cunning ways and stands out even among an evil lot of comics’ characters. 

To carry his signature look with similar scary-smiley face paint is not an easy job. It would be best if you had the essentials and the same nonchalant charisma he possesses. This thorough guide will help you portray him in his purest elements! 

Origin Story of Clown Prince of Crime 

The supervillain story that made fans rush to the cinemas arrived with controversies and potential for inciting violence. This debate gave this film another fascinating perspective from the critics’ side. The discussions about the complicated origin story from the point of you of a nihilist made this a top trending film in no time.

All of us needed insight into the mind of the most ruthless killer. Film Joker provided an open view of what went on inside the criminal mastermind of Gotham City. His family dynamics, or lack thereof, are evident throughout the plot. His struggle with mental illness and unusual laughing condition shows he was not an average human trying to make his way around the world. He got bullied most of his life, resulting in violent tendencies from his side. 

To say that Joker’s life has a negligible effect on his fans is an understatement. Most of his audience felt all of what he went through with the same depth. That’s the reason he is cherished more than his ethical counterpart, aka Batman. Right after the release of the film, people realized than leaping to conclusions in Joker’s case is futile. He exists in the grey middle ground of right and wrong. 

The ambiguity of his character has landed him more support than hate. Even though the origin story surrounded by mixed views, it is safe to say that he made a long-lasting impression once again. After Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix is going to be the most liked Joker! 

The Archenemy of Batman!

The word failure has an entirely new meaning for Arthur Fleck. A part-time clown whose job is to entertain anyone who hires him is not much of an entertainer. In the dark and uncaring world, Arthur’s court issued therapy guidelines, and coping methods were failing miserably. Devoted to his sick mother, who he later kills, he does not find any joy in the world. 

He is shy in public and hides in plain sight. This side of the story forces the fans to sympathize with his need to get recognition. But you cannot ignore that he is a genius when it comes to destroying or creating chaos. He is known as the worst enemy of Batman for being a notorious mass murderer. He can come up with atrocities that no normal person can even imagine. 

The chilling fantasy film shows how he becomes increasingly tempted to destroy Gotham City and why he hates the wealthy people so much (Thomas Wayne, in particular). While the plot describes that he is not just paranoid and people are getting to him for his differences, it also shows he can murder anyone in cold blood. 

There is no doubt that Batman gets most troubled when dealing with him. If you are empathetic towards Joker’s life, then get ready to bring the same empathy in for Bruce Wayne, who has to deal with the manic actions of the infamous villain. 

The gritty darkness of Gotham City seeps into Joker, and both emerge as an evil version of the previous self. The city’s vigilantes have a hard time catching up with Joker’s antics as he destructs one thing after another. 

Most Famous DC Villain 

Living in a world with no place for someone who functions differently, Joker navigates through his way in the most gruesome ways. Wearing his signature Joker Purple Coathe brings the city to ashes. He is considered a hypnotic villain in the DC universe for his mind-blowing evil crafting. He soon learns not to care for fellow humans and choose nihilism over the missing pieces of his puzzle. 

The level of cynicism in Joker’s life is not found anywhere else in the comic worlds. He feels deliberate and provocative to people who are not as resentful as he is of the whole world. It is quite hard to dismiss Joker as any other villain. You cannot count on Batman to defeat him for once and never expect any kind of retaliation. 

He possesses unnatural bouts of evil creativity, and a well described in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as any other big superhero. The movie and the character are a perfect choice for All Hallows’ Eve. Make up your mind to portray the deadliest mass murderers this year to entice the audiences to revive the hype of the character once again!

Make your costume a replica with the scary makeup to keep all the eyes on you throughout the night. This costume requires minimal accessories but a lot of courage to pull off with the same sneer the Joker carried! 


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