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Captain America or Star-lord? The choice is yours.

Marvel has been leading cinema from decades, from individual superhero movies to combining all superheroes in one film, Marvel gave us all. People didn’t watch these movies; they lived a life with them. From being happy on victories and crying if one of them died, people loved these franchises, as they have loved comic books.

Loving something doesn’t come easily so, people who have been following these movies started following the costumes of these movies too. From ironman to Goose the cat, each superhero equally loved. From guardians of the galaxy to Avenger Endgame, every movie received well love and adoration from everyone.

From star lord jacket men collection to keychains, this franchise released its merchandise for fans, and it was thrilling from the start. In the last movie, we all have seen all the superheroes combined under one roof and planned to fight against one big villain. Avengers also connected with guardians of the galaxy.

While loving them, so many people also started little debates on the following topics.


Star-lord, aka Peter Quill, was introduced in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. He was born as the celestial kid, and after a while, he got kidnapped by one fraternity of ravagers. Star-lord was a natural celestial from his childhood. Celestials are an old type of body that has unique capabilities like energy operation and vast matter.

They existed a long ago before the commencement of huge societies and even before the Asgardians. They were infamous for their usage of the Infinity Stones. Chris later escaped from there and started to work unaccompanied.

He arrested for an unfortunate felony committed by him. Later on, he made the squad named guardians of the galaxy along with inmates. His teammates are Drax, Thanos’s daughter Gamora, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon. Later on, these guardians met with Thor and decided to assist him in struggling, contrary to Thanos.

They divided into two groups and helped avengers against the Thanos. One group consisted of peter, Mantis, Gamora, and Drax rushed to get the stone of reality, later lose it, and Gamora both to Thanos. In the end, Thanos thrived, and many became his victims, including many avengers and guardians.

After his debut in Avenger’s movie, his fans got perplexed, and the whole debate started of him being an Avenger. As people loved him as the guardian of the galaxy and everyone doesn’t love changes. Star-lord was never part of any earth-based team, including avengers. Many people who belonged to the movies has confirmed it.

Star-lord belongs to the galaxy, and his duties are to protect universes, and he will keep doing that he can never be a part of any group on earth.


Reading it at first might look implausible, but when you think about it logically considering the facts and logic behind this, you might start seeing it as a correct statement. The star-lord can be Captain America’s grandson as directors have declared that they have a one big Easter-egg that they’ll reveal to us later.

The same person who played Quill’s mother in Guardian of the Galaxy is also spotted in Captain America: The First Avenger. Their timelines of ages match too, plus he didn’t die like his other siblings, which proved he might have some strong soldier DNA mixed in his blood. 

Other than both being breath-taking handsome, they both are compelling too. This theory is still controversial and needs confirmation from the actual creators of this series. 


Every Marvel superhero is hot, though, but Captain America considered as hottest one. People have loved him since the release of the first movie, and because of his dashing looks, he made the outfits look more desirable. Everyone loved wearing the costumes of Captain America in cosplays and Halloween.

Other than Halloween, people specifically wanted to add some spice in their wardrobe by adding Captain America jacket menIn the last two movies, star-lord kind of stole the spotlight from Captain America and many other heroes.

With both being supper talented and dapper, exposed in the film and comic books that Star-lord is much stronger than Captain America in all aspects, desirable addition to this is that he is illustrious. He is going to stay until the end.

Captain America traveled towards the past in the movie and indeed returned as an old and powerless man. It shattered our hearts in so many pieces. After watching the heart-wrenching death of Tony Stark, it was too much for fans to take on, and they all get disheartened.

Other than sticking to one and opposing the other this Halloween takes your styles to the next level and dressed as both of them, keep varying your outfit simultaneously, and you’ll have different yet dashing looks at each party.

Maybe it is the blood relation in both characters that the audience might skip a beat when they witnessed two of the megastars working together. People will no longer be able to watch them together.


Even after being so heart-broken at the end of Endgame, people still love each of them. Tony Stark will be the superhero, and people will keep dressing up as ironmen even after decades. The same goes for Captain America; even though he lost his powers in the movie, he is never going to lose his fans until eternity.

You can be dressed like an iron man in a replica of his iron suit or wear a leather jacket designed like it. Furthermore, for Captain America, go with his Captain America’s costume to keep it subtle, go with any jacket of him from a movie or buy a striped jacket. 

No big dispute or debate is going on this topic; you can love both equally and dress like them in simultaneous parties. Just keep the spark alive, till the end. 





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