Celebrex & Alcohol: Everything you need to know


Celecoxib, generally known by its trade name Celebrex is a Nonsteroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug (NSAID). Like any other NSAID, Celebrex is meant to curb inflammation and provide pain relief. It does so by selectively targeting the prostaglandins called cyclo-oxygenase or COX-2. It is COX-2 that is responsible for inflammation. Because of its targeted action towards the COX-2 prostaglandins, it is effective in comparison to other NSAIDs like Ibuprofen and Aspirin. 

Generally prescribed Celebrex Medicines for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and sometimes even for painful menstruation. At the end of the day, Celebrex is a pain killer and an almost complete cure for the above-mentioned conditions. Also, the prescription duration is usually short.

Let’s now talk about alcohol. Alcohol is infamous for all the downsides it develops in the human body. One bodily function that alcohol impacts in particular is your cognitive ability. If you had two too many drinks, chances are you’ll find that trip from the bar to the exit quite difficult. Another well-known impact of alcohol is on the liver. 

Binge drinking is the leading cause of permanent damage to your liver. Along with that, more than a couple of drinks will put stress on your kidneys. And if this stress continues, there’s a high chance that you can develop a kidney issue. A drink or two now and then maybe what your doctor agreed upon, but it is no excuse to down five straight whiskeys, especially when you are under the influence of Celebrex. 

Celebrex and Alcohol

Every drug has certain reactions to different foods and drinks. These reactions more or less aggravate the drug’s side effects and may even lead to further complications. The same is the case with Celebrex and alcohol. You might want to be aware of the following problems that consuming alcohol with Celebrex can lead too.

  • Kidneys – A high blood alcohol level is known to affect the kidneys adversely. It puts stress on the kidneys which may even lead to renal failure. On the other hand, Celebrex is known to be harsh on the kidneys too. Taking more than the maximum prescribed limit of Celebrex can have negative effects on your renal function. 

Now, think about it. What were to happen if you mixed both these together? A sure shot recipe for poorly functioning kidneys. Thus, it is only common wisdom to avoid consuming alcohol when you are being treated with Celebrex. 

  • GI Tract – Celebrex is known to impact the mucosal lining of the GI tract. Celebrex may increase the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding and also aggravate ulcers in the stomach. As a result, people with stomach ulcers are closely monitored when given Celebrex. Meanwhile, alcohol is also known to irritate the GI tract. Ethanol causes severe pain when it reacts with ulcers. Regular binge drinking is known to erode the stomach’s mucus lining. 

Alcohol may also cause acidity and heartburn. Consequently, mixing both of these substances will only increase your chances of side effects from Celebrex and may also worsen your GI conditions, if you face any. It would be a wise choice to stay away from alcoholic beverages when you are being treated with Celebrex.

  • Liver – Celebrex is known to cause liver damage when taken in high doses or when used over a prolonged period. Reports show that injury caused by Celebrex to the liver can result in prolonged jaundice and may even cause the need for a liver transplant in the long run. 

Alcohol, as we all know, harms the liver and excessive alcohol use is known to cause alcoholic liver disease, a chronic liver illness. Therefore, one should be conscious of the amount of alcohol he is consuming and at the same time, adhere to the dosage prescribed.

  • Hypertension – Hypertensive patients should take extra care when it comes to alcohol and Celebrex. If you have more than two drinks, your blood pressure may temporarily increase. However, regular binge drinking can have long-lasting and adverse consequences, which include also include high blood pressure due to overly clogged arteries. That is why patients with high blood pressure should consume as less alcohol as possible. 

When it comes to Celebrex, the drug is known to induce hypertension in patients. Mixing alcohol with Celebrex would only increase your chances of experiencing high blood pressure symptoms.

  • Heart – Alcohol makes you weak at heart, quite literally. Heavy drinking is known to weaken the cardiovascular muscles which in turn causes difficulty in pumping blood to the body. Along with that, alcohol abuse is one of the main reasons for a heart attack and other cardiovascular conditions like stroke. 

Speaking on our topic of discussion, people taking Celebrex are three times as much likely to suffer a cardiac arrest or stroke. You might not want to mix the two of them if you have poor heart health. Patients who have suffered a heart attack in the past or have a history of any cardiovascular ailments must consult their physician and try to steer clear of both, alcohol and Celebrex.

  • Dehydration – Alcohol is a dehydrating substance. In the initial hours of drinking, alcohol acts as a diuretic. But, after that, alcohol starts to dehydrate the body. To curb this dehydration, the body starts to retain all water and fluids. As a result, you feel lethargic and bloated after a night of heavy drinking. 

On the other hand, Celebrex may cause fluid retention which would also increase swelling and blood pressure. This could increase your chances of heart failure. Additionally, alcohol is an inflammatory fluid whereas Celebrex is an inflammation-resistant drug. Alcohol abuse while on Celebrex may interfere with the functioning of Celebrex and may also impact the effectiveness of the drug.

Mixing alcohol with Celebrex can increase edema. Since both alcohol and Celebrex are known to harm the mucosal lining of the gastrointestinal tract, mixing both of these may cause peptic ulcers which are another painful condition. 


In conclusion, it won’t be wrong to say that alcohol can have adverse side effects when taken with Celebrex. A wise decision would be to abstain from alcohol as much as possible when being treated with Celebrex. Though a drink or two would not do any harm, it is always a good idea to avoid alcohol altogether when you’re using Celebrex. However, if you do need to get a drink, consider staying true to that number. 

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