A Valuable Insight into Industrial Flooring

The flooring requirements for a commercial establishment are different from that of a residential one. Some of the basic requirements for commercial flooring include that it needs to be robust, hard-wearing, and safe. Although every industry has its set of unique requirements the basic necessity remains the same since almost all industries need a good solution for busy areas or high traffic places of their firm. Besides which it is usually also necessary to maintain proper hygiene and still have a good aesthetic level. 

For example, a commercial kitchen floor needs to sustain frequent spills, heavy use, and also be non slip. On the other hand, floors for factories and warehouses need to be robust enough to withstand high traffic, impacts, be resistant to chemicals, and also be waterproof at the same time. While external surfaces will also need to be weather resistant. This article provides vital information for those interested in industrial floor paint in India.

Signs that the floor needs attention

The Industrial flooring like that for a warehouse sustains a high level of abuse on a daily basis including foot traffic and heavy vehicles. It is quite common for the floors to develop cracks, scuffs, or scratches. Floors tend to be ignored until they require a complete renovation. Here are some signs that the industrial flooring requires attention:

  • The flooring starts to become a health and safety hazard.
  • Industrial floor is no longer flat, instead is highly uneven with the potential of causing a workplace accident.
  • The flooring at the workplace desperately needs updating to meet your business standards or requirements. There is the need to make it slip free, ensure there are no accidents.
  • Previous repair work was not a good job and has made the floor worse with cracks and chips.
  • The floor has weakened and can no longer withstand any impacts.

Important Facts

  • Epoxy coating is a mixture of liquid resin and hardener that is optimal to use to cover floors. It is optimal for industrial applications since it forms a rigid and protective surface that has the strength to withstand many types of industrial conditions.
  • Epoxy coating in India, tends to last a long time, like more than 10 years although it does depend on the level of usage and wear & tear it sustains on a daily basis.
  • Epoxy coating is highly cost-effective since it is a good method of protecting the existing flooring and avoids having to replace it. It is also resistant to damage, stains, chemicals, scratches, impacts, etc. 
  • This type of flooring becomes resistant to damage and has the ability to withstand heavy traffic.
  • Epoxy floors are slip resistant, hygienic, and non-toxic.
  • Some of the common applications include car parks, workshops, industrial manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, commercial kitchens, breweries & distilleries, sports centers, retails places, schools, etc.

Advantages of Opting for Epoxy Coating in India

Epoxy coating is long-lasting, affordable, and durable hence is the best choice for many different applications. Listed here are the benefits of opting for this:

  • It is a popular choice for many different applications like warehouses, chemical processing plants, printing houses, food processing plants, bakers, breeries, etc.
  • It is highly durable and long-lasting. 
  • This is a great deal thicker than normal paint (almost 5 times thicker). This type of coating is also waterproof, excellent abrasion and resistant to chemicals. 
  • Coating of this kind can help cope with heavy footfall, and heavy duty equipment. It offers good longevity and has several applications.
  • This type of coating is optimal for many different types of surfaces like concrete, wood, etc. 
  • It helps create an anti-slip surface thus is optimal for applications where the floor is likely to get wet; like food processing plants, bakeries, abattoirs, breweries, dairies, etc.
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