Top 9 Best Things To Do In Key West

Key West really is an island paradise, and many of the attractions and things to do in Key West are water-based, naturally, but even if you’re not a “water baby” there’s still plenty to see and do in Key West. One of the great things about Key West is that it’s small, now, that might not seem such an attraction in itself, but because Key West is pretty little. It means that none of the fantastic attractions and things to do in Key West is very far away, which can be a bit of a problem when you visit more significant vacation destinations. So, plan your holiday trip once in Key West and book your cheap air tickets from Delta Airlines Tickets to save your money. Who wants to spend hours travelling on a bus every day to find something interesting to do? No, not me either, which is same what you don’t have to do when you visit Key West.

  • Things To Do In Key West

So, we know that you don’t have to go far to do anything in Key West, but when you get there just exactly what can you do?

  1. Key West Beaches: Perhaps the best place to start when talking about the great things there are to do on Key West is, of course, the fabulous beaches. Most of Key West’s beaches are perfect for sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling. One of the most popular beaches in Key West is Fort Zachary Taylor, okay, it’s a little bit rocky, but you won’t even notice the rocks once you witness a spectacular sunset there. There is nothing quite like it. If you prefer your beach to be sandy then head over to South Beach, it’s very popular with the locals due to its lovely sand and shallow waters.  If you fancy partaking in a little beach fishing, then head on over to Rest Beach where you can fish from the White Street Pier, there’s even wheelchair access.
  1. Key West Cruises:  Take a cruise over to the reef from Key West to see the island from a completely different perspective. Setting out from Key West harbour, you’ll also be able to see the beautiful jewels which lurk beneath the water offering fantastic snorkelling and diving territory. If you’re not that keen on actually getting into the water, then take a trip on a glass-bottom boat to see what lies beneath.
  1. Key West Dolphin Encounters: Staying with the watery theme, Key West also offers excellent opportunities for you to get up close and personal with some dolphins wild dolphins. Okay, you might not be able to get that close, or individual with these wild dolphins. However, it’s still a fantastic feeling to get so close, and you’ll be able to learn all about dolphins and their natural habitat, as well as many other things on one of the many eco-tours available from Key West. A dolphin tour needs to be close to the top of your list of things to do in Key West.
  1. Key West Watersports: Okay, this is the last water-based thing to do in Key West which I’ll talk about unless I change my mind, but there are just loads of opportunities for fun-filled water sports when you visit the paradise island of Key West. We’re talking skis, kayak tours, kayak fishing small boat rentals, Waverunner rentals, parasailing 

Hmmm, lots of dumping, sorry plunging going on there, looks like great fun and very refreshing.

  1. Key West Sports (Not Water Sports): Key West has loads of other sporting opportunities, for those who prefer to keep their feet on dry land. There’s a terrific 18 hole golf course covering 200 glorious acres of tropical beauty, tennis courts, ball fields although you’ll probably need a refreshing paddle after you’ve finished. There are lots of houses dangerously close to those low flying golf balls if you ask me  I’d certainly need to put my shutters over the windows when the novices drove into Key West.
  1. Is Key West Haunted: Key West also offers a haunted walking tour, so I guess the answer to that question is yes well possibly. Key West certainly has more than its fair share of ghost stories, so why not join a walk through the spirited tales and sights of Key West – if you dare. Yes, why not pop in to see (or hear) Ernest Hemingway working on his latest novel.
  1. Key West for Culture: Culture vultures can also have a whale of a time in Key West there are some great museums just bursting with Key West history. One great idea is to hop onto a tour trolley or train and let the guide tell you all of the colourful local stories and point out places of particular interest. Then you can always visit them later at your leisure when you’ve decided which Key West points of interest are really of interest to you. You see that the Key West tour guide knows his stuff, doesn’t he?
  1. Key West After Dark: There’s also plenty to do in Key West after the sun has gone down; of course, there are plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from us. Still, if you fancy something a little more cultural, then there’s also The Waterfront Playhouse, a terrific not for profit theatre which has a vast range of dramas, comedies, concerts, musicals, even world premieres. You simply must be what’s on during your stay at Key West
  1. Key West Shopping: Key West is, according to many shopaholics, the best shopping experience in the whole of South Florida. Just wander down Duval St. in Old Key West Town, and you’ll marvel at the vast choice of some of the most original and unusual shops around.  There’s a vast array of boutiques and gift shops which packed with great buys, of course, Key West also has more than it’s a fair share of tacky t-shirt shops too.

It is amazing how much entertainment to be pack into such a small area as Key West, but as I said at the top of the page, there are tons to do, and it’s all within very close range, making Key West the perfect island holiday destination.

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