How Ban on TikTok and other apps impacted the Indian Innovators and Development Agencies?

In recent time, there have been lots of increasing debates regarding data privacy and security in India. Amidst of these debates and enhancing tension between India and China, the Government decided to ban around 59 Chinese apps, including apps Similar to TikTok, so that they can’t get into the privacy of people. Also, these apps involve popular video-sharing social networking platform such as WeChat, TikTok, ShareIt, UC Browser, Shein, Baidu Map, Like, Helo, etc. After banning these apps, the Government also banned the lighter version of these apps recently.

In the statement released by the head of TikTok India Nikhil Gandhi, it is included that “The Government of India has allotted a temporary order for the ban of 59 Chinese apps including TikTok and we are to comply with it. They are invited to meet with the related government stakeholders, for having a chance to respond and submitting the clarifications. Continuously, TikTok is complying with all the data security and privacy needs under the Indian law and not sharing of any data of the users in India with any of the foreign Government, including the Chinese Government.

Further, we are also requested to give high importance to user integrity and privacy. TikTok and its TikTok Clone apps have democratized the internet through making it available in 14 Indian languages. It has hundreds of millions of users, story-tellers, artists, performers, and educators depend on it for their earning, and many of them are using the internet for the first time.        

How Ban on TikTok and Other Chinese Apps Affected Indian Innovators & Development Agencies?

After banning TikTok and other Chinese apps, it has impacted various companies, developers, and innovators of India. It is due to the raised popularity of Tiktok among users. TikTok had more than 100 million active users monthly in India. And, it encouraged various development companies and innovators for Tiktok clone Development. But now, when it got banned and has blocked in India, development companies had to stop the development of Tiktok clone app. 

There were so many apps on the banned list that was so popular in India among people, especially Tiktok and other video-making apps. Also, new social media platforms such as Likee and Helo, as well as video-chat app Bigo Live and photo-sharing app ShareIt were immensely famous among Indian population. Also, these platforms almost have Indian creators, and these apps have employees and offices in India too. After the ban, thousands of jobs were lost that many impacted lives. 

Impact of the Ban on TikTok’s Parent Company

China-based ByteDance that is Tiktok’s mother company, has faced a loss of USD 6 Billion followings because of the Government’s decision of banning the apps. TikTok was a short video-sharing app developed by ByteDance and Helo was a social-media app released by the company for the Indian market. Another Tiktok clone known as Vigo Video is on the list from the same company. 

TikTok was developed 112 million times in May and in which 20% was in the Indian market that was double of the US market. China had also expressed concern over the decision of the Government to ban 59 apps that were developed by Chinese companies. 

TikTok’s Position in India

TikTok got a big place in the hearts of the Indian population. It was bigger in India than any other app outside of China, and it was due to the massive population of India. This app was downloaded nearly 650 million times since January 2018 through Google Play and App Store. 

Young people often could be seen to shoot a 15-second video in the park or some other places that mimic the song and dance fusions from the Bollywood movies and dialogues. India was among one of the top countries for having millions of TikTok users, and it was accounted for 20% of the app downloads worldwide. 

Is it an Opportunity to Indian App Developers?

After banning lots of Chinese apps, it can be a golden chance for Indian developers, and they can use it effectively. Through developing Tiktok clone script, they can provide an alternative of world-famous TikTok app used by millions of people. Previously, all the developers of India were struggling to compete with the digital offerings by Chinese companies that were typically backed with huge capital volumes. Also, these were capable of undertaking all widescale and relentless marketing campaigns. 

India’s tech start-up ecosystem struggled for securing a similar level of investment received by Chinese-backed firms. It was coupled with the shortage of institutional support from the Government. People always look for a  clone app after the ban of the original app like mitron, roposo script, so this is the right time for Indian developers to showcase their skills and talent by developing alternative apps of the banned Chinese apps.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have described the impact of the ban on Chinese apps by the Government on the Indian Innovators and development companies. From video-sharing apps to e-commerce, to chat-based services, to web browsing, and gaming, this latest ban has provided a golden opportunity to the Indian digital segment. BR Softech is also contributing to provide the Indian population Tiktok clone Development and also alternative apps of the banned apps. We are making it possible by offering premium quality services with our highly dedicated team. Contact us for having our assistance.  

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