Interesting Things You Should Do When Traveling Alanya

Alanya, a coastal town in southern Turkey possesses a unique beauty blending history, adventure, and relaxation. If you visit Alanya on a day in June to December – the best time to visit Alanya, do the following 5 interesting things to discover the most memorable Mediterranean town.

1. Visit Alanya Castle and Red Tower

The most important symbol of the sea town is Alanya castle. It is a place not to be missed in the Alanya exploration journey of every tourist traveling to Turkey.

With its vast, magnificent architecture containing an ancient glorious history of the old town, long-term visitors can not only admire the thousand-year-old beauty but also be comfortable posing for photos with stunning 360-degree panoramas.

The fortresses built from the 13th century are preserved almost intact with thick hard stone walls, straight paving stones, without a gap, for visitors who are constantly amazed, admiring the perfect talent of medieval architecture masters.

After a long walk, you should walk down the harbor and continue the journey to discover the beauty of the Red Tower. It possesses impressive hexagonal shape, built-in 1226 with the purpose of protecting the nearby castle and the shipyard.

The tall Red Tower, outstanding structure, majestic scenery from the position at the foot of the tower to the top of the tower, will give you unforgettable moments to experience.

The entrance fee for Alanya castle is 10 lira (3.8 Euro) and the entrance fee for the Red Tower is about 5 lira (2 euros) / person, the fee is calculated separately for each place. Therefore, people traveling to Turkey from Hanoi can flexibly visit both locations or just only 1 location, both are okay.

2. Lunch at Dimcayi

On unpleasant days, nowhere is it better to escape “hot” than the eastern mountains of Alanya. In the area near the Dimclay River, many restaurants and entertainment places are built for visitors to swim in the cool water and have lunch at one of the restaurants designed tables and chairs floating on the water following traditional Turkish style. 

Here, there are many restaurants for you to choose but the most famous is Dimcayi Pinarbasi Alabalik.

Dimcayi chooses bright, cool blue colors for restaurant architecture, a diverse menu with many Turkish dishes, international familiar dishes, attractive flavors, easy to eat. Especially, if you are too tired after exploring the valley and swimming, playing water sports, feel free to take a nap here, the staff will not disturb you.

3. Sapadere Gorge

Traveling in Alanya, don’t forget to visit the hidden gem – Sapadere. This deep canyon with majestic steep limestone walls was created from the cutoff of the river with a rush of water flowing through the great mountains for hundreds of years.

Moving inside the gorge, visitors can walk through a wooden walkway through the gorge, from which they can clearly see the vast natural beauty and waterfall views. The water pouring down from above is extremely magnificent and spectacular.

There are a few sections of the road that you can’t walk, and explorers will need to swim through the icy cold water for 4 seasons, so if you are brave enough, try taking a dip in this cold, deep blue water. Surely it will leave you with an unforgettable swimming challenge.

Finally, note before you start the journey to explore Sapadere gorge, remember to stop by the small restaurant located near the entrance to make a light meal, full of energy for yourself. Simple, delicious food, spacious seats will give enough space and time for travelers to prepare the Sapadere expedition.

4. Rowing at Sea

The bright sunlight, clear water, the poetic white sand of Alanya beach, will definitely be the ideal place for sea-loving travelers to enjoy their hobbies.

Here, in addition to popular bathing and sunbathing activities, travelers to Turkey can also participate in extremely interesting standing rowing.

With this sport, visitors absolutely do not need any special skills other than a little ability to keep balance, you will not spend a lot of time practicing to stand on the small boat.

Then stand firm, gently paddle across the blue sea in the early morning sun. Before all the boats start to sail, this time the atmosphere, the scenery is very peaceful and pleasant. Your lungs will not stop breathing the purest air.

To play this rowing, visitors need to pay about 50 lira (15 euros) / person for every 2 hours of renting a boat, equipment for the needs of walking on the beach by their boat.

5. Travel by Jeep Safari

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the Alanya wilderness, traveling by jeep Safari will be the right choice for you. This jeep tour departs in the town of Alanya and then to the Taurus mountains (east of the city), 1200 meters from the sea, where you have the opportunity to explore villages and tremedous mountains in this region.

You can join this cheap Turkey tour with a group of friends or go private, they will arrange for you a place in a jeep 4×4 Landrover Safari.

The road is quite bumpy, very uncomfortable for car sick people but the car will not cover the roof will give you a panoramic view of the surrounding. In particular, you will be able to stand up, take pictures or simply enjoy the mountain breeze blowing through each hair, extremely ecstatic.

Each traveler needs to pay around 115 lira (29 euros) for a jeep tour, which is a bit expensive but definitely worth the money.

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