The Charm of East Thailand: Reflection of Eyes

As we decided to leave the place, the map was right in front of our eyes. With its opening, we went from Chiang Rai to the city of Pattaya and arrived here during our overnight trip. After spending some time here chilling in various cafes and reminiscing about the green Thai curry, we decided to take away the new expanses of Thai life. You can book your flight tickets for travel in Thailand with the help of JetBlue Reservations.

1. Chanthaburi – Real ‘Gem’ Town

Why here?

The city is truly rich in gems, ruby, sapphire, peridot, or whatever the name is! From mining to construction to shopping for these stones, this place is perfect. Not only this, but the Church of Immaculate Concept will also be visited by the explorers as it is the largest church in the country. I wish we came here in winter. Summer visitors can be part of the May Time Fruit Festival, which usually takes place in May or June.

2. Combine – relax your soul

This small island can only be covered by a walk, is 6 km long and 3 km wide, interesting! We arrived here in about 30 minutes by taking a ferry from Ban Phe Ghat in Rayong Province.

To explore: To tell you this, the interiors of this country are full of dense forests, trekking trails, and beautiful accommodation for peaceful dwellers. Yes, we could not stay here for a long time but did not miss taking a quiet walk on the beaches while sipping coconut water. But it was time to return to the mainland, so I withdrew the ferry.

3. Rayong – the city with Thai fish sauce

What is here: A drive to the city of Rayong was waiting for us before the spark calmed down. Must say nice beaches, seafood snacks, juicy fruits, and a site away from the crowds of Thailand! Thai culture can certainly be seen as it still has traces of the old king and his settlements. Thai fish sauce from home, there are terrific culinary treats for food lovers to grab from here.

4. Ko Chang – The island that roams one in lush green forests

Another stop of the east coast, Ko Chang! A ferry, the island is the largest of the four clusters and is not waterfalls, resorts, spas, and whatnot, compared to the Kof Chang National Park as well as the cliffs, mangroves, clear waters all around, the mayor and Khloe flowers. Is home

What to do: Yes, we enjoyed fishing, snorkeling, and covered the area with rented bikes. We decided to stay overnight at the semi-luxurious resort this time and spend quality time in the balcony of our room. 

Coming south of Thailand: rise above the beach

And by now my partner had a craving for a beach, which could not be controlled anymore. We definitely had to leave on the eastern side and so headed for some coral air of some corals, mangroves, coconut plantations, and salty sea. And so we were in Pattaya city once again the next day. With JetBlue Airlines Reservations, you can book your flight tickets and enjoy a trip to Thailand.

Departing towards another destination before leaving our office and before flight time was close. So we reached Phuket with a 12-hour journey.

1. Phang Nga Bay Exploration – Get arrested with islands and sea caves

What is here: Due to the breathtaking views, juggling views and charming cafes, the island is accepted by a speedboat from Phuket. A vast network of lagoons in Panyi fishing village, Ko Hong, Tanboke Koranee National Park, and mangrove plantations can be evident with a tour around the island. Fung Nung is no doubt one of the best places to visit in Phuket where you will get a wonderful view of nature.

In addition, we also had the option of staying at resorts as well as hotels within the zone, and of course, we chose the standard hotel to save our pretty bucks. After exploring the island, we went back to Phuket from where our flight to New Delhi was ready. 

Breaking the myth

Therefore, it is not that we have completely missed the traditional places during the journey. We certainly did not stop shopping, clubbing, chilling, and relaxing on the beaches for which Thailand is famous. It is just that our focus was to find something else that others may remember.

Nevertheless, we traveled in a budget-friendly manner. There was a good number of 15 days, which included bus travel, bike rental, food, and accommodation within the cities. We did a relaxing massage before ending the trip and filling the shelves with new energy to rework. And as I told you in the beginning, this journey once again inspired both of us to not only revive our work life but to pursue such campaigns in something else or in the coming years inspired.

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