Explore the Origin and Journey of Akira

Guest Post Explore the Origin and Journey of Akira
Guest Post Explore the Origin and Journey of Akira

Japan has been famous for anime since forever. The first animated movie was released in 1916 in Japan from that day until today. Japanese animated movies are more prominent than others. Some great anime of Japan include My Neighbor Totoro, The Boy, and the Beast, Perfect Blue, Paprika, and Akira. Akira is the most famous anime of its time, and still, people love it after so many years. It is a post-apocalyptic animated science-fiction movie, Akira has originated the Japanese comic books, aka manga. The name Akira came from Japanese names. It has so many kanjis, one of which means the bright, intelligent, and colorful.

The character of Shōtarō Kaneda is brilliant following up on the level of the series name. At the same time, the word bright in this has reflected by  Akira Kaneda jacket that he used to wear. Even though it was associated with Japanese manga, its plot fluctuates noticeably. The second half doesn’t embrace much of the manga, but some character designs and settings were adapted from the manga. It was initially released in Japan on July 16, 1988. Later it was globally released.

After its global release, it accumulated a large number of Sci-fi and art fans; hence it earned $80 million globally. Akira was a successful animated movie in Japan. It was universally contemplated by critics as one of the best animated and science fiction movies and a milestone for Japanese animation pictures. It was an adult movie in the Japanese cyberpunk genre, and it was a pivotal film. This anime had a significant influence on many cultures. It also inspired many animations, films, music, video games, and comics.

In addition to flawless graphics, this movie has also consisted of many other perfections. The unique and different plot which made it so interesting to watch. After combining with combine the music score, action, and suspense, the plot gets boosted. This movie was way ahead of its time. Its story was based on the condition of Tokyo, after being destroyed in some atomic experiment. After several years it was rebuilt known as Neo-Tokyo. Now it is tormented by several problems such as corruption, protests against the government, assassination, and gang violence, and it’s on the border of destruction.

In August 2019, the biker gang of Shotaro Kaneda led by him to fight against his rival gang, known as clowns. This fight was taking place during the anti-government protest. Meanwhile, Shotaro’s best friend, Tetsuo, got injured, lost his balance, and smashed his motorcycle into Takashi. A small telepathic who ran away from a secret government research laboratory by a rebellious secretive revolutionary organization. Later Takashi was seized by soldiers, and Tetsuo was admitted into the hospital.

Kaneda and his gang were also got arrested. He met Kei in the police station, a revolutionist who organized her release with his whole gang. Well, along the psychosomatic powers of Tetsuo were awakens after the accident, which was later exposed to secret government organizations. When colonel gets to know that Tetsuo possesses some psychic capabilities like Akira, a guy who caused the 1988 attack. He tried to recapture Tetsuo in the hospital and sent his best espers to fight with him and lead him down.

He furiously fought back with his telekinesis abilities and flew away from there. His powers began to make him unbalanced and self-centered. Even Kaneda tried to stop him there, but he also overcame him and got out to seek help from Akira. He was guided by Kiyoko that only Akira could help him. Far ahead, Shotaro and Kei escaped from the military when they learned that they wanted to finish Tetsuo by using them. All government organizations were concentrating on killing Tetsuo.

Tetsuo returned to his biker gang after a while, but he has become so furious and out of control. He started doing drugs to resist his powers. During a hangout with his gang, in a bar, he killed a bartender furiously. Kei went there with his friend, Yamagata, to meet him. He hard-heartedly butchered Yamagata, in front of her eyes. She ran back to Kenada and asked him to seek revenge for Yamagata. He swore to make Tetsuo sorry for what he had done.

Tetsuo storms over Neo-Tokyo, arriving at Akira’s cryogenic storage Dewar. Kei tried to stop him, but she was severely defeated, and he disclosed Akira’s leftovers. Kaneda fought within a contest with a laser gun alongside Shikishima held the orbital weapon at him. Still, both didn’t succeed in bringing this to an end. He was found by both of them in Stadium. Tetsuo was in so much pain. He was offered to surrender to Kaori so that he would be taken into the hospital, but he started fighting against Kaneda. While fighting, he lost his control over his powers. He turned into an enormous figure gobbling all matters from his surroundings killed Kaori and overpowered Kaneda. After looking at this, espers woke Akira, and a whole new story of destruction begins. Akira threw Kaneda and Tetsuo in another dimension. Spoiler Alert!

Well, I am not gonna ruin it ends for you as even after 32 years, people are still discovering this anime and love to watch it. You are gonna have revelations at the end of this movie. This anime did a brilliant job emphasizing the vicious nature of the biker gangs and the painful irony of the fight and volatility of Neo-Tokyo. With keeping up the great storyline, animated characters were also developed with such expertise. Little details and outfits of characters were focused. Hence, people still love to carry them, such as Akira Kaneda jacket, a bright red leather jacket which symbolized this show, and Kaneda’s character expressively.

It’s not bragging. Fortunately, 1988 was the most epic year in the history of Japanese animations. This movie unpredictably set the bars high for upcoming animations. Akira is the significant breakthrough of Katsuhiro Otomo. Fortunately for the first time, western audiences and critics hooked up and took notice of it, which a great step. Its 32nd anniversary will be celebrated in Japan on July 18.





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