Add Some Exclusivity In Your Closet. Pick The Unmatched Staples!

JAJ Guest Post 2 Add Some Exclusivity In Your Closet Pick The Unmatched Staples
JAJ Guest Post 2 Add Some Exclusivity In Your Closet Pick The Unmatched Staples

We all find ourselves getting tired of the outfits that meant the world to us. It can even be that outfit that we used to wear almost everywhere. Don’t feel embarrassed because, as a matter of fact, it’s the way human nature is! Although there’s a way of making our closet exciting by getting all those wardrobe essentials and giving them a little touch of mix and match. Just pair up the basics and get one exciting outfit for each day.

This pairing up is dependent on the personality of the person. A gamer can go for a pairing of his favorite Fragile Express Jacket with a t-shirt. Similarly, a business person can go for a combo of leather jackets and a white shirt. All it requires is just styling up neutral staples with other clothing pieces to create many individual looks. Picking out the perfect one is a tricky thing to do, so keep reading.

A Basic White Shirt Is A Must-Have

The most essential piece of clothing that can be worn with just about anything is a white t-shirt. Buy it and wear it with just plain jeans or spice up the look with a pair of pants. Go for a shirt that is made up of stretched cotton to get that slim body look. Don’t forget about the detailing of the neckline. Choose a neckline according to your face structure and get that sexy look go for as low as you can.

A white turtleneck shirt is the coziest one out there. Just wear it with a skirt and a boot, and you are good to go anywhere. A black and white striped t-shirt is also considered as an ultimate go-to. A striped white shirt with a dark-blue pair of jeans is the hot favorite for casual events. For fancier events, style the striped shirt with dress pants or a skirt to be the center of everyone’s attention!

Always trust in Black pants

Black pants, either well-fitted or high-waist, are the life of everyone’s wardrobe. They can make any combo classy instantly. Go for a pairing of a shirt and a blazer for workdays. Pair high-waist pants with a t-shirt or sweater to get that perfect shopping look. For a fancy night, go for a glittery top and high heels with nice black pants. To get that slimmer look, these black pants are the best. Avoid getting a pleated pant that bunch at the front, instead go for a flat front pant. Choose a pant made of lightweight wool and slay your looks every season.

Who Can Live Without A Pair Of Jeans?

Jeans have the magic to look good in any event. Whatever the nature of the event is, just wear a nice pair of jeans with anything and you are ready to go. Pair them up with any color of a t-shirt for casual look or style up with crisp shirts, shiny crop tops, and sandals. These jeans are available in a variety of styles like boot cut jeans, skinny jeans, flared jeans, and low rise jeans. They also come up as baggy and high-waist, just get them according to your comfort. Pair these baggy pants with a cropped turtleneck shirt or sweater or a blazer and look cool as that favorite celebrity.

Staples For Fancy Events

Fancy events require a little bit of glam to the overall look of a person. Go for a proper fit black skirt if you are a fan of skirts. Long or short, they make you look elegant anyways. Invest in a skirt that is light weighted, so you can wear it in every event. For a morning event, style the skirt with a neutral color of shirt and cardigan. Swap the shirt with a glittery or shimmered top to get that glam look for a nightly event. A silk slip dress is also an option.

Go for a black and white tank top if you like them. Just add in your closet and wear under a shirt or neutral-colored cardigan with pants or a skirt. For a rather fancy look, pair a bold colored tank top with a blazer. Floral dresses are also a must-have in the closet. Just accessorize them with cute jewelry and a nice pair of heels and go to any event.

Trench Coats For That Classy Look

A trench coat is a piece of outerwear that makes everything look classic. Add a little bit of class to the closet and layer it with sweaters and jackets. Wear it with a belt or without a belt over jeans or pants. For a night out, wear them over skater dresses and skirts. Just keep in mind to get perfect fitting, especially on the shoulders. Too loose would look baggy and too fitted would just look odd. These trench coats are available in many colors ranging from classic navy and black to olive green, khaki, and burgundy. So, add them in your closet according to your preference.

A Well-Fitted Blazer

Blazers are the perfect layering on your everyday outfit when they are well-fitted to your body. Choose a blazer that fits the figure, go for a length, comes to the hip, or pinched at the waist. Wear them over jeans, slip dresses, white t-shirts, skirts, almost anything and it will definitely level up your game. They come up in many solid colors like navy, black, and khaki, just buy any color of your choice and add it in your closet. These blazers can be worn literally over anything!

Complete Your Look With A Gorgeous Wrap 

Your look is incomplete without a nice piece of pashmina or scarf. A scarf gives that color to your outfit that elevates the level of every outfit. Go for bold colors, cute florals, nice patterns, or bright shades. Style them up with single or double loops around the shoulder or neck over a tank top and jeans, cocktail dresses, over your coats, and blazers. Add them in your closet to get that uniqueness.

Perfect Footwear 

Add perfect footwear to your closet that you are comfortable wearing anywhere. A nice pair of boots helps you give that taller and polished look with your t-shirt and jeans. You can also buy a pair of nice pumps if you’re into them. A perfect pair of loafer can uplift your entire look even when you wear them with your favorite Connor Jessup Puffer Jacket. These classic staples have the power of tuning up your game and adding uniqueness to your closet. Add them to your wardrobe and make sure that they don’t lose their colors and shapes.



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