How to help your children with homework

Some days of homework can go smoothly, and some other days can be a nightmare. If homework time gets rough at your place, meltdowns, and a lot of arguments will occur — involving you as well as your kids. Your kids must be definitely having one or two subjects that seem too difficult for them to cope up with. Let me tell you, you will always feel relaxed when you read the schedule for your child and see that he/she has no homework on the tough subjects, so now you can enjoy a night off from a meltdown of homework. When it comes to involving parents, research suggests that parents should teach their child to take his/her homework as a chance to learn rather than completing it just for the sake of formality. Although showing encouragement and setting an example by lending a helping hand is crucial, there’s a limit with how much support you can give without robbing your child of the ability to discover new things on their own. Read to know more about how to help your child with homework.

Here are ten tips on how to do homework.

Rather than ensuring that your child completes his or her homework, it is more important for parents to support their children by increasing their trust in completing homework tasks alone. So here are some ways to help your children with homework

Set the time.

Constructing a proper structure always matters. Designate a particular time for completing the homework. Establishing a daily schedule can improve efficiency. And, the best way to ensure this is telling your kids that no screen time will be allowed before homework is complete. If your child wants some downtime before beginning the homework, then let him play outside (or inside).

Start engaging in

It ‘s essential to be involved in educating your child. Many schools are providing online tools to review grades, deadlines for homework, and overall progress. Stay updated on all of these issues.

Praise your child and help them

Your positive energy will make a difference in your child’s overall attitude towards homework and learning. Your presence and support provide a more reliable learning environment. In this way, even without having an in-depth knowledge of the material, the parents will still play a role throughout, and the kids are actively involved in the learning process.

Limit distractions.

Our homes are generally full of distractions. Television sets, mobile phones, and video games, to name only a handful. The use of these items during homework time should not be permitted. This will develop a zeal in your child to complete his/her homework if he/she wants to use any of these devices.

Create a homework plan

When your child is too upset with his or her assignments, do not push them. Instead, create a plan together to tackle the problem in a much better way.

  • Balance the task of homework into smaller logical pieces
  • Discuss how much time it takes for any chunk to complete
  • Work back over time and set a timeline
  • Place the timeframe in which the child must be comfortable to complete it
  • Encourage your child to mark completed pieces and see the progress of the task.

Make space for homework.

Life is getting busy. By allocating family time for that, parents will build good study habits. It may mean cutting out your child’s homework one hour after dinner when you are engaged in a study task like reading, rather than watching television and relaxing. You also can create a welcoming and comfortable reading space for your kids to grow in.

Use available tools

Many schools have a homework journal or daybook for parents to sign each day, so signing regularly demonstrates your interest, dedication, and love for your child. It lets  your child understand that their homework is being tracked, and it also creates trust between you and the school.


Make sure that your child has an excellent framework for taking notes. Experts say the most effective approach is a sketch type note-taking. But, we believe that all the kids are different, so please make sure they have a handy technique that works best for them.

Study habits

Developing a study habit at an early age also ensures a good work discipline in future which ultimately helps you throughout your life. Tests and programs require planning to the full. Provide tips and techniques to your child which can help them to achieve the top-notch results.

Read together

You are the first teacher of your child as a parent, and one convenient way to help your child learn is by reading together, especially when your child has just been promoted to a higher grade. Remember to divide storytelling duties between both parents, as dads also act as relevant role models and have a substantial impact on their sons’ attitudes towards learning.


The ability of parents to promote learning for their children goes beyond homework. Parents should involve their children in conversations, read with them, and give them other ongoing learning experiences (such as going to a zoo, watching a documentary, or spending time together online). But still, if you require support to guide your child to complete his homework while fulfilling all the important points that we mentioned above, you can contact us. So, If you are looking for someone to help your child with his/her homework, Online Tutoring Services is here to help. Our professional tutors are always available to help your child complete his/her homework and grasp all the essential concepts behind it. Our tutors have hands-on experience to deal with students of all ages. Moreover, our students have seen a significant improvement in their grades after attending sessions with Miles Smart Tutoring professionals. We assure you to provide customized support to your child, so let’s get started.




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