What Are the Key Points You Must Remember While Buying a Polo Shirt

The world of fashion has become quite vast, especially after the 70s. It has evolved with newer types of attires for both men and women, giving them a choice to wear different kinds of apparel depending upon the events.

This has made their wardrobes quite large and exciting because many times, they get confused about what to wear and what not to wear. This confusion usually happens because of the formal and casual parties they are going into. Both of these classes are a bit different from each other and require a separate type of apparels to put on whenever you go to attend them.

This differentiation in the class first started to emerge in the early 80s. During that time, people were only used to wear formal clothing in their day to day routine. There was no concept of casual apparel at that time because of the limitation of the industry.

This basically held people back until the time of real advancement in this industry. It eventually started to evolve with some particular type of clothes that were suitable for both casual wearings. Many clothing companies introduced casual tees and shirts for day to day wearing, allowing people to choose them as per their own requirements.

Meanwhile, amid this vast evolution in the clothing, some people thought that why not have apparel that you can wear in both formal and casual occasions? That was the point where the thought of polos emerged and later became popular in the market. It gave people a new attire to wear both in their casual and formal events. Many brands started their whole assembly line to specifically produce polo t-shirts because of their huge demand in the market.

It also became a bit popular because of its usage in sports. We all know very well that Port authority Polo Shirts are widely used in the game of golf and tennis. This also helped in making them accessible among the followers of these sports and creating an excellent choice for everyone.

Many people started to buy these polos as their favorite wearables for game days, and thus creating a sound impression among the community.

Today, we’ll talk about the importance of Polo shirts. Follow these guidelines whenever you are out for shopping. There are some key points that you must remember while buying any polo t-shirt. Let’s take a look at them.

3 Important Points To Take in Note While Buying Any Polo T-Shirt

Here are the 3 points you should first look at while buying any polo t-shirt.

Appropriate Collars

The sizing of the collar is not a big deal to bother about, but make sure that they are neither too small and nor too big. It gives a very immediate effect on the polos if they are not crafted rightly. Big polo collars can also sometimes make you feel uncomfortable by hanging steadily on your neck, which is why it essential to buy polo shirts with right collar choices.


Sleeves of the polos must be short and should not fall below the biceps. Sometimes, the sleeves are crafted too long that they cover even more than half of the arms. That looks very bad and gives a very loose baggy outlook to the polo shirts.


Always check the sizing of the polos before buying them for yourself or your friends because no one likes to wear loose shirts. Therefore, always buy polo shirts that fit right according to your size and give a nice bold appeal to your overall outlook.

Final Words

Polo shirts are ubiquitous in our society, rightly because of their smart and straightforward crafting. Many brands thrives explicitly in the market by selling polo shirts, all made with different colors and fabrics. It is now up to you what color you choose and where you would like to wear it because, as defined above, these polos are fittingly suitable for all types of events.

Please let us know what do you think about this article by giving your thoughts in the comments section below. We would like to hear your suggestions about it. Please share your story with us and experience in buying polo shirts and let us know in the description box below.


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