All that you want to know about Card Games with Funniest Text Message

josh appel fYJCzVUzh g unsplash
josh appel fYJCzVUzh g unsplash

If you are searching for distinctive, fun games and activities to share with friends; there look for Card Games with Funniest Text Message. This is the best party game for any occasion. This is a hilarious party game for the texting generation featuring weird text situations and shocking text replies. The game is all about competing to match the most comical text reply cards to the weird incoming text message situation cards.


Each player initially gets dealt with 8 text reply cards. Then a reviewer plays an incoming text message card and reads the message. The contestants then vie to match the most excellent text reply card to the incoming text. The reviewer chooses the best reply and that player wins the round. Whoever has the maximum points at the end of all the rounds wins.

Match the funniest white text reply cards to the black incoming text message card. 

This game is created for ages 18+ and is not intended for children. This is the complete offline text message party game where players vie to make the funniest text message strand. Players turn around drawing a sent card while the remaining of the group vies to play the funniest reply card. After everyone in the group has played their selected reply card, the judge chooses which combo is the funniest. That individual gets a point. At the end of the game, the player with the maximum points wins! Designed for 3 to up to 20 players, this is one of the most awesome games.

Lift Every Voice and Meme is the first member! This adult card game will transform your next party, sleepover or just casual get together up! Lift Every Voice & Meme is the ultimate game to entertain friends and family that are definite to make you laugh while performing it. Pair the amusing pictures with the wildest caption cards to make the most bizarre memes! Get ready for a fun and exciting (adult) game night. All you need to enjoy this game is your sense of comedy, your squad, and the game. 

Lift Every Voice and Meme offers two card games:

  • AIght Imma Head Out: Get prepared for a game night where you and your friends challenge each other with a series of off-the-wall, comical, and often stimulating scenarios that will test just how far your team is eager to go before they say “Aight, Imma Head Out. You can turn any ordinary party or gathering into a special one with this game night must-have.
  • Lift Every Voice & Meme: Bring the finest of #BlackTwitter and IG into your house and go at it with your friends to see who can pair the funniest Picture Card with the Text Card each round to make the funniest, most bizarre meme. The evaluator chooses the winner of the round, then that individual becomes the evaluator of the next round.

    This is definitely make any event more amusing such as Holidays parties, BBQs, Family Reunions, The Dorm, and more.


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