How to optimize a site without an SEO specialist

I am always of the opinion that everyone should do his own thing and no one will fulfill his task better than a specialist. However, I perfectly understand that all kinds of force majeure happen and therefore I am sure that it is useful to know how you can optimize your resource yourself.

Step one. Putting the semantic core together

Thre are several services for selecting keywords, both from the search engines themselves and from third-party developers. Of the free ones, Google.Adwords “Keyword Planner” and Yandex.Wordstat can be distinguished, and of the paid ones I recommend paying attention to Key Collector. It’s easy to guess that for money we are offered much more opportunities – such as the ability to split search queries by seasonality, grouping, search for pages relevant to the query and advanced statistics.

As a result of working with the program, you will get an impressive list of keywords that can be divided into types of queries:


  • High frequency. General queries by which at least 5000 people turn to search engines per month. Example: “network promotion” (11,475 per month).
  • Midrange. More specific requests for which there are already from 1000 to 5000 people. Example: “seo-site optimization” (3,789).
  • Low frequency. They are the most specific requests. Very few people apply to them – maybe 200 or 50 a month, but it’s precisely on such requests that you get targeted traffic to the site. Example: “order seo text” (59 per month).


I recommend using all types of queries in approximately the following ratio: about 10% high-frequency, 30% mid-frequency, and 60% low-frequency. It is important to note that such a scheme is suitable for a business with a clearly defined line of business. If you have a wide range of goods and services, it is better to go from the opposite – pay more attention to high-frequency queries. Strictly speaking, just flip the circuit.

Step Two Working on texts

If articles and news have already been posted on your site, you need to optimize them as follows:


  • Add keywords. Do not overdo it! Remember that today search engines have become much “smarter” and distinguish a good article that matches the query from the spammed one in order to increase positions.
  • Make the article more readable in form. Break the text into paragraphs, fill out some of the information in lists, dilute with illustrations. A canvas of text, even with the most interesting information, few people want to read.
  • Add subtitles. The presence of subheadings affects the attitude to the page not only of search engines, but also of visitors – visitors to your site can isolate the necessary information.
  • Check for uniqueness. Today, there are many anti-plagiarism programs and everyone has some features that you will understand and appreciate only with more dense work. I work with the online services The first one is good by the presence of checking additional SEO-relevant parameters, and the second is very convenient in order to appreciate the uniqueness of already posted articles. It is very simple to work with such services – after the end of the check, you are shown a percentage of uniqueness and non-unique sections of text with a link to the source are highlighted.


Step Three Working on tags

This is quite painstaking work, without which one can not do without. It consists in the following:


  • Be sure to fill in the meta tags: title and description. Take the time to read about how to do this most effectively. For example, a well-written description can lead to the site already ready buyer. The keywords tag is important not to fill out! Sometimes even pessimization from search engines occurs for him.
  • Consider semantics! If you need to highlight the text in bold for decorative purposes, put the tag “b” and not “strong”. Otherwise, you indicate the importance of this word, emphasizing it. Search engines will not appreciate this if you just start highlighting all keywords and put a “spammed” stamp on your content. Make selections so that the text looks beautiful and readable, so that the selection is to help the user.
  • Images also matter! Be sure to write the alt parameter.


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As I said at the beginning of the article, it’s better, of course, to turn to professionals. On the other hand, who knows – maybe while you study the materials for each step, SEO will capture you so much that we will get a new specialist out.




Radhe Gupta
Radhe Gupta is an Indian business blogger. He believes that Content and Social Media Marketing are the strongest forms of marketing nowadays. Radhe also tries different gadgets every now and then to give their reviews online. You can connect with him...

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