10 Essential On-Page SEO Factors You Need to Know

Technical, on-page and off-page are some of the important factors for search engines if you want to successfully achieve the top position in organic searches. We have seen great focus on link building and other off-page SEO techniques over the years. In reality, off-page SEO has nothing to do much good without on-page SEO. Any smart SEO agency in Delhi would pay attention to on-page optimization. 

The search landscape is evolving constantly and you need to ensure that your knowledge is updated. In this post, we are going to cover the basics of on-page SEO. In this guide, we are going to cover the basics of on-page SEO, its importance and some important factors for on-page SEO. 

About On-Page SEO 

Also called on-site SEO, the on-page SEO is the practice to optimize web pages to improve the search rankings of a website and gain organic traffic. Along with publishing high-quality, relevant content, on-page SEO consists of optimizing HTML tags, optimizing headlines, and images. You also need to ensure that website is trusted, authoritative and excellent. It considers a lot of aspects of your website and improves overall visibility of a website in search results. 

Importance of On-Page SEO 

On-page SEO is important for search engines. It helps Google to inspect your site and content and boost it on the basis of user’s searches. Search engines have been more sophisticated and there is an improved focus on the semantics and relevance in SERPs. With so many complex algorithms, Google is even better at – 

  • Knowing what users are looking for when typing a query.
  • Delivering the results to meet the user needs, whether navigational, shopping or informational 

It is vital to adapt by ensuring visibility of both your website and its contents to the users and elements which are visible only to search engines like structured data and HTML tags. 

In addition, you can’t just overlook the importance of on-Page SEO because you can optimize on-site elements well, over off-page SEO which has backlinks. You can boost traffic and improve your search presence by putting more efforts on on-page SEO strategies. In this guide, we will discuss the most vital aspects of on-page SEO. Focus on these areas to improve your authority and content and boost your traffic, rankings and conversions. 


  • Title Tag 


It is basically an HTML tag in the head of any webpage. It provides a context or cue about the specific subject matter of the page. It is featured in results pages as a clickable link and in the browser window. It plays a bit of role on organic rankings but it is often overlooked. Poorly written, duplicate, and missing title tags can affect SEO results negatively. You need to optimize the same for this aspect. 


  • E.A.T.


Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (E.A.T.) is a structure to inspect the websites and web pages. Google has always focused on quality content. It always rewards sites publishing quality content with better rankings while putting down sites which produce poor content. What you see on search results and what is high quality content according to Google are closely related. E.A.T. plays a role in organic search results in Google. 


  • Meta Description 


Meta descriptions have been vital since the beginning of SEO. Meta tags and Meta descriptions clarify what page is based on. They are displayed in search engine result pages under the title of the page. Though Google says that Meta descriptions have nothing to do with rankings but it indirectly helps improve CTR rate, perception of quality, and what your website has to offer. 


  • Headlines 


Do you want to improve the performance of your website? You may want to have attractive headlines.  You will definitely come up with a title for blogs but keep in mind that a compelling headline means a lot for a click. Your headlines should boost interest to stand out and enact users to keep reading and click through. 


  • SEO-friendly content 


Actually, you need to write content considering both end users and search engines. You need to follow a strategy which is beyond keyword research. It won’t have anything to do with just producing content. You need to write content to help people. It should be relevant, high quality and substantial. 


  • Header Tags 


Header Tags (H1 to H6) are basically HTML elements helping to identify the subheadings and headings in the content with paragraphs. They are not that important for ranking as they were before. But they are still vital for your SEO and users. They can make your content more interactive and easier to read for visitors. 


  • Content Audit 


A lot of content creators just create new content as they couldn’t audit previous content. But it is very vital to audit your existing content as it is helpful to – 

  • Figure out whether content is gaining ROI and achieving its goals. 
  • Figure out whether the information has become stale or still accurate. 
  • Figure out the right type of content for you. 

Content audits can be helpful for your SEO strategy and it must be done regularly. 


  • Adding Images 


Image optimization adds appeal to your web pages. But all images are not made the same way. Some images can slow down the page speed. You need to do it well as there are many benefits like – 

  • Improve rankings 
  • Better experience 
  • Faster load speeds 


  • Drive User Engagement 


Working on on-page SEO is just half battle won. You also have to reduce bounce rate. Users must keep viewing your website, navigating it, interacting with content and keep coming back. Focus on site speed, content optimization, user experience, and others. 


  • Identify Keyword Cannibalization 


Targeting a keyword to improve ranking is a myth. When you target a specific keyword in several websites or platforms, it leads to keyword cannibalization. You actually compete with yourself by doing the same. You need to figure out whether it exists on your site and fix it soon. 




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