Most common gemstones and their meanings

dan farrell qayNP9ccw9E unsplash
dan farrell qayNP9ccw9E unsplash

Gemstones that we hear about have their own respective meanings and are known for various aspects in astrology. So, here are some of the most common gemstones and their meanings:

Lapis Lazuli

It is a beautiful blue stone that has been prized throughout history. The rich celestial shade of Lapis Lazuli remains a symbol of deep honour and royalty. The reason it is so prized is down to the stunning colour and the valuable ultramarine dye that can be derived from the stone. Its name comes from both Persian and Latin tongues; Lazhuward meaning “blue” in Persian and Lapis meaning “stone” in Latin. The deeper the blue, the higher quality the stone is. Lapis Lazuli symbolizes truth and wisdom universally.


Moonstone holds a strong sense of secrecy and mystery. It is considered a stone that bears truth from within. It was often worn as an amulet by travellers to give them protection in earlier times, especially when traveling at night. As a gift, it was favourited between lovers as a symbol of passion. Most commonly seen in Roman jewellery designs, it has been used for close to two-thousand years now. Moonstone is also used in India as a traditional wedding gift. The shades most commonly seen are blue, peach, white, rainbow and gray; Each with their own deeper meaning. The stone is said to bring peace, wisdom and protection to those who keep it close by.


Jade is known as a “blessing stone” and is said to bless whatever it touches. For close to six-thousand years, the stone has been prized not for only jewellery, but weapons too. In earlier times it was often used for knives and axe heads because it was such a strong stone and polished easily. China holds the most value over the stone even today for its healing powers and beauty. It is most commonly seen in green but also comes in shades of blue, white, brown, black, orange, purple, red and yellow. Jade today is used as a “dream stone” or a stone of luck both coming from the stone’s energy of blessings and wisdom.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a stone often feared and revered for being an all seeing and all-knowing eye. It is said to grant the wearer with a keen ability of observation to see with great clarity. In Ancient Egypt, it was used in the statue eyes of their deities. Often used to portray courage and strength, Roman soldiers carried the stone into battle. The colours of the stone showing deep browns with rich layers of gold made it appealing to be used for jewellery. Throughout history, Tiger’s Eye is found to be sought after for good fortune, prosperity and protection.

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