Top Five Swords of Lord of the Rings Movie

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The Lord of the Rings is the high fantasy fiction movie by the English scholar John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, directed by Peter Jackson. It was released in three sequels as the Fellowship of the Ring in 2001, Two Towers in 2002, and The Return of the King in 2003. It started with the forging of the great rings, three were transferred to the elves immortal, wisest, and fairest. The setup of all these movies is the fictional world of Middle-earth. The power of rings gave to the lord of Elves, Men, and Dwarves.

The three films follow the Hobbit Frodo Baggins as the Fellowship starts to search to destroy the one ring to assure the Dark Lord Sauron’s demolition. But the Fellowship shatter, and Frodo recommences the search along with his faithful partner, Sam and the treacherous Gollum. In the meantime, the Wizard Gandalf and Aragorn, the heir in exile to Gondor’s throne. P Jackson’s film Lord of the Rings introduced several swords with different powers listed below. Being a true fan of Lord of the Rings, you should read the entire article. It will be beneficial for your knowledge.

Anduril sword

Anduril sword was the unique sword in Lord of the Rings. It is also known as the Flame of the west, which was inherited from the Narsil. The history of inheritance after the war of the last alliance Anduril sword was reforged from the shards Narsil for Aragorn II Elessar. It was designed by the Galadhrim, and it was covered with an ornament of flowers. There was an attraction upon the holder. The blade that was drawn from Narsil would not be stained or broken, even in defeat.


Orcrist Sword

Orcrist Sword has two more names, which are Biter and Goblin cleaver. This Sword was manufactured by Glamdring and used by the king Turgon. The history of the Sword says that with this Sword, lots of Goblins were killed. After this, Thorin utilized the Orcrist Sword in the overall journey to search for Erebor to kill goblins. When Thorin murdered the king of Goblin, he lost the Sword when he was defeated by the Wood-elves. After the battle of five armies, Orcrist Sword returned to the Thorin. In his death, Thranduil places the Orcrist Sword upon the tomb of Thorin under the Mountain.


Gurthang sword

Gurthang Sword, also known as Iron of Death belonged to the Turin Turambar, which was restructured from the Anglachel Sword. This sword was manufactured by the dark elf EoI. Turin used this Sword to kill the Glaurung dragon. When Turin Turambar knew that Nienor Ninlel, (his wife) was his sister, then she shot herself. Turin hopelessly fell upon the Gurthang sword and killed himself.


Glamdring sword

Glamdring sword belongs to the king Turgon, which was manufactured by the Grey, later on, the first age the sword was owned by Wizard Gandalf. The Swordsmith who forged this sword also placed rune inscription on the guard and hilt. The blade of the sword was ordinary, but it was popular due to its power and handguard. With the help of the Glamdring sword, Gandalf goes into the higher level called Gandalf the White when he defeated the Balrog.


Narsil Sword

In the War of the Last Alliance, King Elendil fought with the longsword called Narsil. The son of the king Isildur cut the one Ring from the hand of Sauron in the final battle. Later on, it was remanufactured for the Aragon II Elessar called Anduril.


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