Steps for treating sewage waste water

Sewage treatment is a method of eliminating poisonous substances from industrial wastewater. Contaminated water is a serious issue for the residents in the area and also for the aquatic lives. If it is released outside the industrial area, it harms the environment. So, it is important to install sewage water treatment plants in the industries that are effective for the treatment of wastewater. There are several steps for the treatment of contaminated water such as,

  • Screening: In the first step when the wastewater passes, the screening equipment helps to remove all the waste objects like plastic, rags, etc. After removing, the waste objects are washed or cleaned, then pressed, at last disposed to the junkyard. The screened water is then transferred to the next step.
  • Grit removal: This method helps to eliminate the presence of stones and sand from the screened water. After this, the rest of the material is thrown to the junkyard.
  • Primary sedimentation: This step can be called as the first step to purify the wastewater. Primary sedimentation tanks are used to take out the settled material. These tanks are also known as clarifiers and can be used to reduce the speed of wastewater and allow primary sludge to settle.
  • Activated sludge: Activated sludge is a biological wastewater treatment process used for purifying the industrial wastewater. Sewage wastewater is purified by using aeration and biological degradation.
  • Secondary sedimentation: The secondary settling method is used for treating sewage wastewater. They are used to settle the solids and microorganisms present in the sewage water.
  • Filtration: This method is used for the treatment of sewage wastewater from all the poisonous substances. For separating the contaminants from the wastewater this filtration method can be used.
  • Disinfection: After the above steps, it is important to assure that the sewage wastewater is free from any bacteria. So, the ultraviolet disinfection is used, which kills all the remaining bacteria.
  • Oxygen uptake: The sewage wastewater is now almost stable after its treatment from the above-written steps. At last, the treated water will release to the rivers, but only after knowing that the pollutants are removed up to 98% or more.

After knowing the steps involved in the treatment of sewage wastewater, it is important to know the benefits of using sewage treatment plantthese are as follows:

  • The purchasing cost is less.
  • The modern sewage treatment plant can treat wastewater at a high speed as compared to the traditional systems.
  • This system has higher durability, it means that it lasts up to 15 years if we maintain properly.
  • It requires low maintenance.
  • It also helps to remove all the poisonous substances and bacteria that can cause harm to the environment.

At last, having a sewage wastewater treatment plant in an industry is very economical and eco-friendly. With the advancement of technology, it is easy to maintain and more feasible as compared with previous models. Having a sewage treatment plant in your industry is always proven to be a smart choice and an effective one. Apart from these, there are various methods treating sewerage methods which can be chosen according to requirement.


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