How to deal with a Roof Repair Problem and Other Household Issues?

A belief that household problems is no less than a nightmare is what we all have agreed with, especially when it is about that broken door lash or a cracked window or when it comes to Roof Repair. But, fixing these problems is not as difficult as it sounds. Yes! So, you live in the city of Vaughan and need to call a roof repair specialist to fix your shingles. How about if we tell you that you can attend to the issue before a professional arrives for Roof Repair in Vaughan? 

This blog is all about fixing the daily household problems that are as common as losing a pen while working! Let’s learn about the simple solutions for your household issues.

Roof Repair in your Vaughan house and other related issues

Here are a few situations that can possibly occur at your home and how you can quickly fix it as a temporary solution.

A bad storm damages the shingle on your roof

The shingle on your roof is damaged and you need to prevent it from any further damage. Here’s what you can do:

  • Collect a tube of roofing cement and an aluminum flashing piece, which you can easily find at home centers. 
  • Cut the flashing, narrower by 1-inch than the ripped area and keep it 4-inches longer to ensure it extends well under the tabs on both ends. 
  • Take a flat pry bar and use it carefully to loosen the affected tab and the ones to the right and left. 
  • Now, apply 2 or 3 thick layer of roofing cement to the surface under the shingle. 
  • Once you apply the cement, fix the flashing underneath and apply some more roofing cement on the top. 
  • Press the tab to ensure the flashing adheres well to the roof.

Wooden shingles split and need replacement

In case of a typical wooden shingle setting in a house in Vaughan, there are a thousand of shingles used to cover the area, and with the passing time, a few will split inevitablly. So, some of your wooden shingles turned split and now, you got to replace them. You might need to call for roof replacement in Vaughan to fix the issue, but there’s something you can do as an emergency solution. Keep reading.

  • Start with a chisel and hammer to split the shingle (the one which needs to be replaced) into several pieces. Take out the pieces using a plier.
  • Slide the hacksaw blade underneath the shingle and cut into the nails that are holding the old shingle in position. 
  • Use a utility knife for trimming a new shingle to the exact width of the space. Slide the shingle in the right area and tap it gently, 1-inch of its final position. 
  • Now, use two galvanized cedar shingle nails and drive them at an upward angle – right below the butt edge of the shingle.
  • Using a wood block and hammer, tap the newly fixed shingle into the place.

Note: If you are not sure to pull off this act, better call a professional to avoid further damage.

The chimney masonry paint is peeling off

The last on the list is a situation that is not related to shingle repair, but is an important consideration when talking about household issues and their quick fix – the paint of your chimney peeling off. If you are facing this problem quite often and every time you need to call for professional help, the below mentioned fix might come to your help.

  • Install a galvanized, copper or stainless rain cap. You can get it for around $30 dollars in a home-repair outlet. Using a rain cap can prevent peeling off the chimney pain easily and keep it maintained for a longer time.


We hope the blog helps you in dealing with such household problems. In case there’s a serious issue with the roof shingles in your house, you need to call for Roof Repair in Vaughan

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