The importance of games for the elderly

Most often, the elderly live in isolation. It is, therefore, important for them not to stay in touch with society. This is possible, for example, with the help of family members. But the initiative is more important and essential to do it as soon as possible.

How can you motivate older people in older people’s homes so that they can get out of themselves and get out of their isolation? They spend most of their time in retirement at home, feel abandoned and lonely.

Games can motivate them in such a case. Games are also a form of memory training. For example, wow boost game is a game that deals with cognitive issues and keeps their heads fit; you can get such games at When they play, they get to know other people. They communicate with each other. You develop your competence. You open up more and more and you become more communicative.

There are interesting conversations. You no longer feel isolated. They tell about their past experiences, travels, their family, children, possibly their war experiences, etc. What would one like to talk about or learn new experiences from other people, different ways of life?

The game entertains them. The game is not just a game, it is a means of communication and mutual exchange. They talk to people with whom they would not have spoken otherwise. You learn a lot about other countries, other mentalities, and foreign cultures.

It is also a kind of therapy for people with dementia. The game strengthens self-esteem, self-confidence and trains everyday skills. Training of all cognitive functions and sensory modalities in memory training while playing. Promotion of social skills in special trainings or in the context of social contacts in sociable rounds such as morning and final rounds as well as during lunch. The time available, the growing trust in the constant caregivers, and the group of fellow patients enable older people to get involved in a change process.

Playing with seniors is fun, encourages movement, and socializing – and is above all, a nice pastime because seniors have time. A lot of time, sometimes a lot of time….

And many seniors – especially if they live in a facility such as a retirement home or retirement home – can no longer spend that much time. There are many reasons for this, sometimes it is simply because the elderly have hardly any personal items, memorabilia and employment opportunities in the home, but more often because of advanced dementia or Alzheimer’s disease the elderly are no longer able to spend their free time (and we speak here from 15 to 18 hours a day!) with our own ideas and activities.

For more than a decade, there are special games for seniors; these games are tailored to the needs of very old seniors and include, for example: an extra-large font, high-contrast images, and recognizable anchor points.  

If you want to avoid these seniors sitting in the armchair for hours and staring only in one corner, you have to give these seniors a daily structure. Here it is the task (e.g. of care assistants) to offer these seniors suitable job offers. The job offers should be varied, fun, and not overwhelming the elderly – but also not underwhelming or equating the elderly with children…

Games for seniors: fun memory training

Games for seniors not only keep you mentally fit, but they also help to train endurance and concentration. Depending on the type of game, motor, mathematical, logical, and strategic skills can also be trained. Whether for relaxation or for thrills: there is something for everyone. Games for seniors are a wonderful way to actively spend free time with family, friends, or new acquaintances. Whoever wins or loses is of secondary importance. When playing games for seniors, the main thing is that all game participants have fun.

Why games are so important for seniors

Mental fitness is an important building block to prevent dementia. Those who mentally challenge themselves even after retirement have a lower risk of developing dementia. Another positive effect of games for seniors is that many games take place in a sociable atmosphere. You can maintain not only social contacts, but also make new friends. In addition to memory, fine motor skills are also required; for example, when playing Mikado. Moreover, social media also plays an important role.

In a study, scientifically proven methods were presented for the first time, reducing the risk of dementia development. Social and cognitive activities are an important factor here. Games are ideal for this.  

Regular exercise and a healthy diet are also preventive measures to prevent dementia. Seniors- friendly fitness tips, delicious recipe ideas and games for seniors-jogging can be found in our free health course for seniors, which you can download as a PDF brochure. You don’t have to wait until old age to start exercising and memory training – the earlier you train your body and mind, the better!

Peculiarities and characteristics of games for seniors

Senior games can train either short-term or long-term memory. The German Alzheimer Society recommends that if dementia has already occurred, games for senior citizens who train long-term memory should be preferred. These include memory games and games related to folk songs, poems, and idiomatic expressions. Short-term memory is often already too severely impaired and new information can no longer be reliably memorized.

Seniors games are often made of sturdy material. Game characters are larger and easier to grip than with the conventional version. Constructive games are better for them. Wooden figures are preferred for games for seniors because their surface – unlike plastic figures – is rough. The playing field and the lettering printed there are accordingly larger, but also more colorful and rich in contrast. Some game plans are even washable. Games for seniors are also available with a magnetic board. This reduces the risk of characters accidentally slipping.

Playing cards for senior games are equipped with particularly legible writing. The cards are also larger than regular playing cards. In dice games, the dice and the dice cup are particularly large and easy to grip. Cubes are designed with high contrast so that people with vision problems can read the number of cubes well. Game instructions are also produced in large print. For people with visual impairments, there are tactile dice and tactile playing cards and game boards with tactile elevations.

You can train your mental fitness not only with the help of various games but also with various exercises that can be easily integrated into everyday life. Read more about this in our guide to mental fitness and memory training.

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