Create Winning UI/UX Design Strategies for B2B Companies 

There has been much talk over UI/UX design services for the end-user products but not enough about how to create enthralling designs for business to business companies. B2B design requirements not only demand aesthetic creativity but also a deeper understanding and execution, aligned with their company goals. When working on a B2B design project, your main task is to simplify processes and craft swift user journeys that can help them achieve ROI by saving cost and time, one click at a time. 

Let’s discuss in detail how B2B companies can leverage UX design services to create more impact. 

Difference between UX for B2B and B2C

While elements like user-friendliness are a given, other design requirements for B2B businesses are different as compared to the consumer-centric digital products. It is much more complex, has a lot of components to integrate, and is generally focused on increasing efficiency and productivity of a business rather than creating more conversions or sales. 

Another differential factor is that your customer in B2B is skeptical, tech-savvy, and cannot be easily lured into making a purchase. Their purchase order is likely going to be hefty and possibly in bulk which only informed strategists of the business make. 

B2B Specific Design Strategies 

Here are some strategies that must be applied when offering UX design services for B2B companies. 

Follow Branding Design Guidelines 

When working for a corporate client, you normally get design guidelines which needless to say, should become your bible. Any creativity you want to try should be while adhering to those guidelines. Follow them to a fault when crafting a design strategy and you will be safe.

Consistent and Concise Content 

Ensure a consistent content strategy is applied throughout the website or app. An adequate combination of visuals with a well-thought-out content strategy can create a better impression on your potential customers and take your conversion rate up. Moreover, prioritize in displaying the core information within the first stage of interaction with an option to inquire more for details. This helps you put longer content if the business demands but also enhances the user experience by giving the user the option of reading or not. 

Minimalist Design Approach

A B2B project does mean to give your best shot, but it does not mean to oversell your entire skill and qualification by displaying a bit of everything. Remember it is not a competition of your design prowess but a test of your ability to do more with less. 

Geographic & Demographics

To up your UI/UX design game for B2B, analyzing the geographic and demographic aspects of your client is vital. This should be an integral part of your user research. Graphics, color tones, word combinations, and photos etc can hold different connotations in different areas. What might be well-liked in one region can easily be considered offensive in another. Make sure these aspects are taken into consideration. 

Other Design Strategies UX Design Services Should Include

Now that we have discussed which strategies are crucially important for B2B, let’s also refresh our memories and recall strategies which are important for a good UX design whether it’s for B2B or B2C.

Visible CTA Elements

The “Call to Action” known as CTA has to be the most eye-catching elements on your webpage or app. Unlike your users for B2C business, this customer is not lying around the house casually scrolling through to kill time. This potential user is busy, has goals to meet, and needs the perfect solution to meet its business needs. He/She does not have the time to look for the CTA button. The visual appeal of the button should be well thought of, take your time to find the perfect font, color, shape, and copy for it. 

Highlight Value Proposition

Similarly, you have a value proposition that makes you stand out from your competitors then make sure that is the first thing your B2B customer gets to see. The value you’re offering might be the reason for your selection. If there’s a special reason they should collaborate with you, they shouldn’t have to look too hard for it. It is advised to leverage the Typographic hierarchy to add more style and attraction to your value proposition message. 

Research for Optimum Copy Blocks

Should my copy be long or short? There is no right or wrong answer for this because different businesses, different target audiences demand different content length requirements. But one thing that doesn’t change is overwhelming the reader with a bulk of information. 

Even if you have decided to go for extra information, which is sometimes actually important to completely convince a B2B buyer, you have to choose the length of your copy blocks which are most effective for your clientele. The blocks should be readable and digestible. Optimum copy blocks for effective UX design should be finalized with close coordination with the content and design team. 

Invest Time in Color Psychology

When doing your research, always look up color psychology based on your respective industry and target audiences. Colors play a pivotal role in sending the right message across and user experience is all about how the information display makes your user feel. This is one step that should be a part when you develop your entire style guide.

Apply Landing Pages for Special Offers

Landing pages are a great way to draw the focus of the user to a single product or service rather than leaving them to get lost in the pool of multiple products or services being offered. Use that to your advantage! Your design can make a better impact if it is focused on a single offer through a proper sales funnel. 

These are some strategies that have proven to create better user experiences for B2B companies. Following these will surely uplift your conversion rates and draw more businesses to your site as well. Finding rewarding UX design services can be tricky. If you want specialized UX designers with prior experience in UX design services for B2B companies then get in touch with Origami Studios. 

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