6 Top 123Movies Alternatives to Watch Out

We all love streaming and nothing beats when 123Movies is running your favorite movies. But what to do when 123Movies site is not working right? All you need to do is find the alternatives available.

We will share all the best ones here. All of these streaming movie sites are free. Some movie sites allow you to watch free movies without downloading and recording them, and some require registration.

Here are all the 123movies alternatives:

1. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is a free movie streaming ad site. It offers a large collection of movies and TV shows that you can watch online for free, without having to register and download them. You can discover the movie collection by genre, country, and IMDB points.

Hovering over a specific thumbnail gives you all the information you need about movies or TV shows. That is why I have included it on the top ten websites to watch movies online without downloading it.

2. Soap2day

It’s a well classified free movie streaming movie website. With Soap2 day you can watch all movies online without having to download and save them. In reality, it offers you a premium interface without a cent (no ads, no pop-ups, and no redirect). You can find all the popular and best IMDB rated movies with one click.

In addition to the films, it offers you endless series. If you are a sports fan, you can count on him to watch online. I must say soon that it is your first choice to watch free movies online without downloading it.

3. Vumoo

It offers a free pop-up interface that works best compared to Vumoo, SolarMovie and 123movies. It also has a large collection of movies and TV series that can be watched without downloading or recording.

Movies and video quality sequences. The current is also faster. Here you have two options for any streaming or movie series. If you have a problem with someone, go to another option. If you know what you want to see, Vumoo is an excellent choice. Enter the name of the selected movie in the search field, and then press the Enter button to get the relevant results.

It gives you genres, country, release year, IMDB rating, etc. It no longer offers options for short films. Since very few free sites offer such wonderful streams, Vumoo deserves a place among movie websites.

4. Watch- free.me

Watch-free.me is one of the most popular websites for watching HD movies without downloading it. It quickly became popular among the masses. It offers the best collection of HD movies for a wide range of users. You can watch not only movies but also their favorite TV series in HD here.

The search box at the top lets you search for your favorite movies. You can also see the details of the movie with IMDB by clicking on the poster. It uses the generic API on websites like IMDB or TheMovieDB to download users of different types of movies in HD format.

5. Cmovies

Cmovies contains movies and glitches from different countries and television shows that you can watch without recording. The layout of the site is very friendly and well organized. Here you have more options to choose movies by genre and country.

Cmovies has a large collection of films in all categories. While watching a movie thumbnail, you can learn the IMDB rating, movie, country and genre drawing.

There are more than 4 streaming servers in Cmovies for each movie. If you can’t see the movie on the server, try another option.

The Cmovies interface is very clean and looks a lot like the premium platform. If you start filming with Cmovies, you will never look for an alternative to watching free movies online without downloading it.

6. YesMovies

YesMovies is widely used to watch high definition movies and TV shows for free. Registration is optional. Here you can find films from many countries, including China, USA, Japan, India, Korea, etc.

Here we have more options when talking about species. Find the movie genre you love by going to the Genre section and selecting your favorite genre. All of the films listed have more than 4 streaming servers. If the server connection is not working, you can watch movies from other servers. The YesMovies interface contains some ads and annoying pop-ups that you must close to enjoy the movie. These ads and pop-ups are only interrupted at the beginning of the movie.

It is as easy to find a movie as it is on streaming movie websites. YesMovies enables you to request the movie you want if you cannot find it in the current movie database.

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