Why cloud computing is much secure than storing data on the local hard disk?

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In the modern era, the thing that matters the most for most of the businesses is taking care of security. Just a couple of decades ago, business owners had to think about making their money and other physical assets secure and they used traditional methods for that type of security which worked quite efficiently. But with time, the priority of security and the meaning of security changed for most of the business owners, and now instead of making their premise and money secure, most of the businesses or we can say all of the businesses are focusing on securing their data first. You might not know but any business in the world will need to consider its data as the most valuable asset if it is looking forward to growing and get expected results from its efforts.

You should know that data is being produced on a very large scale all around the world and with the increase in the data, the criminals have found their way to blackmail a company. In most of the cases, the online criminals are looking forward to hack your data and then demand a ransom from you. But this is the case of online security and still many people are using their local hard disk for storing their sensitive business information. You should know that such type of approach towards data security can turn out to be quite dangerous for your business and if important data of your business will go into the hands of the wrong person then it can turn out to be a disaster for your firm. Well, if you are looking for the best storage platform then you should choose cloud solutions like Hosted QuickBooks for accountants in each and every case.

If you will not use the cloud solution like QuickBooks on the cloud then you will need to face many different types of troubles and you will always be worried about the security of your data. In the modern era, the local hard disk is the worst place to store your sensitive business information since modern-day criminals have become very smart and stealing data from a local hard disk is a pie for them. In addition to this, you will also be facing many other types of risks with local hard disk and this is why, in this blog post, we are going to discuss why cloud computing is better than local hard disk storage.

Cloud is for safe collaboration

If you are running a firm then the first thing on which you will need to focus on is collaboration. Without proper collaboration, you will never be able to get expected results, whether you talk about your accounting department or your HR department, you will always need to promote collaboration. But at the same time, you will have to make sure that your collaboration is happening safely. You should know that your own employees will always be lurking around to steal your data and this is why you will always need to focus on making collaboration safe.

But if you will keep storing your data on the local hard disk then the only option left for you to share your data is sending data back and forth and since you will have no control over who can access the data and who cannot, you will always be at risk. But if you will choose cloud solutions like QB hosting then you will be able to collaborate safely as cloud comes with the power of real-time multi-user collaboration.

Cloud is safe from criminals

You should know that since local hard disk is the worst place for storing data as even your own employees can steal data from your local hard disk, imagine how easy it will be for evil minded people to get access to your data and this is one of the main reasons why storing data on the local hard disk is not a good idea. Anyone who will get access to the login password and username of your computer will be able to easily access your data and use them as per their wish.

But if you will be using cloud hosting solution then you will always be able to stay ahead of each and every evil minded person. This is possible because the cloud solution comes with different types of cloud security measures that will keep you completely safe from criminals and other types of evil minded people.

Cloud is safe from viruses and malware

Another great threat to your data is viruses and malware. Your local hard disk will always be at the risk of viruses and malware and there is no way you can deal with viruses and malware if it will start infecting your hard disk and soon, you will lose all your data.

But if you will keep using the cloud hosting solution then you will be able to stay away from each and every type of virus and malware and this is because cloud solution comes with the power of anti-virus and anti-malware system.


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