Plastic, metal, or wood which is the best glasses material?

While buying new glasses do you consider the glasses material? Sure many of you might have never given a thought to this. Buying optical glasses without doing any research or analysis as to what type of material should you select could land you in trouble. With thousands of brands floating the marketplaces as well as adorning the beauty of the stores, anyone can get confused among the various materials of the frame to buy.

All glasses material carries several properties and benefits, It is therefore important that a due thought should be given to the material of the glasses frame before finalizing anything. Have a look at the various materials of frames available:

1)    Metal Glasses

Metal is one of the widely used materials in the manufacturing of frames. Various metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. are strong and durable which makes them a perfect material for frames. Moreover, the metal and their alloys are light in weight, corrosion resistance, unbreakable, and flexible too. Most of the metals and their alloys are hypoallergenic which means that they do not cause any allergy when they come in contact with the skin. Monel is a mixture of metals including nickel, and frames made out of it may cause rashes and skin allergy.

On the other hand, materials like Titanium are the strongest material, lightweight, and do not cause any skin allergy. Since they tend to be durable, they could be used for crafting glasses for children and the elderly.  Titanium glasses are a bit pricey and thus alloys of Titanium like Flexon are considered to be extremely flexible just like its name. The unique feature of Flexon is that it can revert to its shape even after being twisted, turned, and bent. Sure, Flexon will not break or get a single scratch on it and can go on and on for quite a long time. There is no doubt that Flexon is lightweight as well as resistant to corrosion and hypoallergenic. These features make them a good choice for children and adults optical glasses too, just like Titanium glasses.

Along with giving a modern and trendy look, metal glasses come in variants of multiple colors, attractive patterns, and several designs. Though Titanium glasses and Flexon are costly, other metallic frames such as Beryllium which is a steel-grey metal suits everyone’s pocket and is also strong. Also, metal frames have adjustable nose pads which are missing in plastic frames.

2) Plastic Frames

Plastic is used in optical glasses due to its nature of being less expensive, lightweight and hypoallergenic. As compared to the metal frames, plastic versions are remarkably cheaper. Due to its hypoallergenic property, and availability in attractive colors, plastic is used in the manufacturing of kids’ eyeglasses frames. Soft plastic frames do not hurt the skin and are not irritating when resting on the ears. They also do not fall much on the face. Those who prefer glasses without nose pads should opt for plastic frames.

Plastic frames are inexpensive and are made from Cellulose Acetate (also called Zyl) which is a nylon-based plastic frame. Another plastic version of frames includes TR90 which is thermoplastic material. TR90 is a lightweight, flexible, and sturdy material that is comfortable.

The two disadvantages of Plastic frames are that they are prone to break easily because of the lack of durability. Second, the colors of some plastic frames may fade lightly.

3) Wooden frames

The latest addition of natural optical glasses is the wooden frames that can be recycled and are degradable. They are light-weight, soft, and sturdy. Often they are derived from trees with strong wood, or with fragrance.

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