Playing Basketball Online Is Fun

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ball 1837119 1280

Basketball was first played by a Canadian teacher in America and was first played by the immigrants who settled in the northeast part of the cities. The game has always been popular in youth and spread far and wide. The game is known for its simplicity, and the lessons of teamwork, discipline, and sacrifice.

Over the years it has brought fame and pride to many individuals. The popularity of the game has spread over Europe and Asia and many youngsters are enthusiastic about the game. The game has always been at the forefront of change and action at the global level. But what about period such as this lockdown? Basketball is an outdoor game and cannot be played inside the houses. 

Basketball can be played indoor and that too on your smartphone. The modern technology has grown so much that even the smartphones in our hands have become smarter than us. Yes, there are so many applications available on the internet that let you enjoy the basketball fun on the screen of your phone. These apps are called fantasy online gaming apps. One can easily search for the best app for fantasy basketball on the internet and download the one with better reviews and good ratings. It is a whole new virtual experience of the game.

Now there is no need to go to the ground and get yourself dirty, you can easily learn and play the game at your home. The internet has revolutionized the sector and is promoting a new and better version of different online fantasy games to meet the needs of the users. The internet has made the game of legs, a game of fingers. These games are quite popular among the younger generation.

It also offers the older generation to relive their memories of basketball using their fingers if legs are no longer allowing them. The best part of these online games is the freebies provided in them in case you win a match. The online game offers rewards such as cash prize, vouchers, coupons, extra lives, and many more depending upon your performance in the game.

The popularity of the online gaming sector is increasing day by day due to many games involved in these online fantasy gaming apps such as kabaddi, cricket, basketball, baseball, Ludo, carrom and the list goes on. The games are a wonderful rescue from boredom and help in the mental training of the mind. The more you have focused the more rewards you can gain from this online fantasy gaming websites.

Now let’s see how this game is played. Well, the foremost conditions to play these online fantasy games are a smartphone with a good RAM preferably 2GB OR 3GB, and a consistent internet connection.

A larger RAM protects your smartphone from getting hanged during the game as if such a condition happens you may lose the entire score in the game. Then open the play store and search for online basketball games. Install the one with the highest rating or more if possible, the one which is the editor’s choice. After installing the app check for the antivirus. After all the formalities been done now let’s start the game: –

1. Signing in: -To play the game you need to sign on the website using your Gmail account and your number. If you have some referral code, you can enter that to gain extra points in the game. An OTP will be sent to your number after filling in the OTP you get signed into the website and enter the gaming arena. The website shows different gaming platforms that it offers such as cricket, football, basketball, baseball. Choose your desired game. Since we want to play basketball we click on the basketball icon. The websites show the various matching coming up and the ones going on. There are different men and women teams in these websites.

2. Making a squad: – To make your squad you need 8 players. These players should consist of the point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, center. The number of players in each of these sections can be minimum 1 and maximum 4. Since this will be your first game you will be allocated 1000 gems and you need to allow the players in the budget of these gems. In the play, the squad can have a maximum of 5 players from a single team while keeping in mind that all the 8 players must be managed within the limits of 1000 given gems. The initial squad has usually value equal to or less than the 1000 gems. You can select from the best fantasy basketball leagues.

3. The pattern of score: – The players score different points for different actions during the game. The players score 3 points for rebounds, 4 for assist, 5 for a steal, 5 for blocks, -2 for turnovers, and 2 points as winning bonus. The star player of the team gets 2 times the points scored, and the captain of the team gets 1.5 times the points scored. For playing for a longer duration the players also score points for example some websites offer 2 or more points for playing 30 minutes or more.

4. Interface: – The interface provided by these websites in these games is user friendly and one can easily learn after attending one or two matches. People usually try to go for a simple interface since it is easy to learn and is more adaptable. The vibrant colors of the websites and the attractive features of these games attract the users.

5. Rewards: – There are many success stories of people earning thousands of rupees by carefully playing these games and making a win in them. Going through these success stories will make you more motivated to undergo this venture. Do not see it as wastage of time on mobile but see it as an area of both entertainment and earning.

These games are not just a wonderful source of entertainment but also help us train our minds, learn the basics of the game, and even earn some rewards for ourselves. This is a win-win situation in all aspects. So why waste time, hurry, play and earn.


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