Is it a Myth to Be Truly Healthy?

This article contains practical tips on how to become a healthy person without drugs and magic. You are responsible for using the advice while you are healthy or constantly ill.

Many people are unaware that various diseases that occur in the body are the result of misbehavior and even bad thinking. The point is to create a healthy lifestyle and adapt your thinking to a healthy lifestyle.

Essential absolute human health conditions

Some of these conditions are known to modern medicine and science, others are not. Remember the following conditions:

  • Proper nutrition
  • The right way to sleep (sleep)
  • Man’s foresight is the ability to distinguish truth from falsehood
  • A small addition to objects of joy and feelings (money, man or woman, children, car, etc.)
  • Generosity – sacrifice and charity (this is a special state of mind that gets rid of serious diseases)
  • A balanced lifestyle and avoid extremes
  • Willingness to speak the truth (truth)
  • Patience and forgiveness (resentment is a major cause of many illnesses)
  • A desire to serve and help dignified, clean and uplifting people

I am sure some of these points were completely unexpected to you. However, it works as a fact. Because there is not enough information about these things, the efforts of modern doctors to fight serious diseases are so insignificant.

Always remember that dissatisfaction in the spirit causes negative emotions that emptied a person from within. All this destroys the internal balance and often leads to serious diseases. Similarly also beliefs like there are benefits of marijuana and on the other hand, some believe there are none. So having beliefs based on good research could be good for you mind and body.

Ways to cure the disease

There are several ways to become a healthy person and recover from an illness, but here I will mention two basic and simple treatments (medicines are already an extreme method):

  • Detoxification (removal of toxins) – can be used for simple diseases caused by daily treatment
  • Effects on the mind – affects problems caused by (karma or genetics) that cannot be eliminated by detoxification.

These days, many people shorten their lives in every possible way (poisoning, malnutrition, daily routine, and more).

Improving health through nutrition

Do not rush to extremes. Everyone is an individual and everyone as much as possible. Too much food or lack of it leads to only one result – a constant reflection on food.

  • The same rule applies to sleep and more.
  • How can I determine how much food someone needs? The best method:
  • Get up a little hungry from the table.

Then someone feels they can eat more but can no longer eat. In this case, the person will not have stomach problems, will not sleep after a meal, and will feel very simple.

Not earlier than 2-4 hours after the previous meal. Because people have different metabolism, they have to eat 3 to 4 hours after the previous meal, which can sometimes be more expensive. It all depends on how bad the food is consumed. It is also important that we eat when the appetite ends in the stomach, not the spirit.

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