5 WordPress Themes that Work Great for Craft Bloggers

Do you know your craft blog can bring an endless amount of guidance and inspiration for others?

Whether your blog is based on DIY, Homemade crafts, embroidery, lifestyle, or any other craftworks, the truth is that you are creating a significant impact on people’s life. Your blog is an excellent resource for all craft enthusiasts. So you need to move your site from HTML to WordPress theme.

If your blog is a knowledge hub for many people, then you need to have a beautiful website that correctly displays the visuals of your finished products and offers excerpts of your work on the homepage. You need to have a flexible theme to customize your website’s background, header, colors, and a lot more. Also, your logo should get enough space to adjust to your theme. 

If you want to build an excellent craft blog following, then you need to have good branding. Your logo should be well presented on the website. Moreover, you need a robust or reliable WordPress theme for handling all your multimedia and marketplace in a better way. 

If you want your audience to be free from long loading times & move seamlessly through all your blog pages then, you need to have a good WordPress theme with clean coding and smooth-running capacity, equipped with excellent support. And, first of all, move your website from HTML to WordPress theme.

Now, let us look at some of the best craft WordPress themes for 2020:

  • Isabelle

Isabelle’s theme is beautiful, clean, and brings some French design. It is equipped with quite a good number of customization features like you get an auto-slider option in the header and the right amount of space for custom logos.  

Isabelle theme is very famous among the craft bloggers. You get to choose a color from an endless number of color options. This feature sets Isabelle apart from the other competing themes. If you have so many colors in your logo, you will also succeed in matching it with your blog colors.

  • Pronto Masonry

If you are someone who wants to keep your blog simple, uncluttered with attractive looks, then Pronto Masonry can be a good option. With this theme, you get a sidebar, and you can add a customized logo to your site. 

Pronto Masonry is a minimalist theme that mainly throws its beauty on your blog photos. All your featured photos get displayed in a grid pattern to draw the audience to your blog posts. A snippet of text is also available on each photo. 

  • Handmade Shop

Handmade Shop is an excellent theme dedicated to all creative niches. This theme is mainly made for craft bloggers focussing on homemade crafts, DIY, art, etc. related topics. 

Handmade Shop offers the right amount of multifunction designs. It is a one-in-all place for blogging, marketplace, and building your portfolio.

However, if you are familiar with using WordPress and are going to convert the website to the WordPress theme, then Handmade Shop is highly recommended. It is equipped with layouts, custom widgets, and over 99 shortcodes. Handmade Shop comprises a handful of features with full support and additional SEO support. It uses a clear structure with an optimized code for smooth loading features. 

  • Lovely / Genesis Child

Lovely/Genesis Child theme comes with outstanding features fit for craft bloggers. It is fully customizable, with the facility of uploading a landing page template and a personalized background. It also comes with custom menus and six different colors. So, you can give a unique look to your website.

The header area of the Lovely/ Genesis Child theme offers you the facility of adding your logo. You also get the tremendous auto-slider option and featured images option. These features help to draw the attention of your visitors to your highest and latest creations.

  • CraftBird

CraftBird offers trendy and classic looks to your website that helps in catching readers’ attention. It does an excellent job with marketplace plugins, WooCommerce, etc. CraftBird WordPress theme comes with fifteen images that help in giving a great look and feel to your website. It provides a perfect structure for a clean look and easy navigation. 

The installation of CraftBird takes only five minutes with a fast page loading pace. It relies on its stable back-end for smooth running. A fast loading speed increases your visitor’s duration on your site and helps in SEO.


So, if you are going to convert the website to WordPress theme for your blog/website, select the one that allows easy navigation. However, the best theme entirely depends on your needs.

Do you know many bloggers overload their website with a lot of widgets and font add-ons? So, you need to focus on searching for the right theme for your website that offers and performs according to your need.

Harshvarshan Jha
Harsh Vardhan Jha is an Indian business blogger. He believes that Content and Social Media Marketing are the strongest forms of marketing nowadays and also know how to work on. You can contact him...

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