What are the Best Features of an app like Favor?

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The food market has been abuzz since the oldest of times. Sometimes, we wonder when the first restaurant was established. Did it offer a home delivery option or was this option discovered much later as a financially more viable option for many people while giving convenience to the customers?

Well, whatever be the reason for the emergence of this business, there is no doubt about the fact that today; this is the business to be in. This is figuratively the biggest pie in the market and to have to a slice of it is the dream of many entrepreneurs. 

Since you are reading this blog post, it is safe to assume that you have your fingers in this cookie jar as well. But if you too want your business to blow up and become super successful, you will need to look at some of the best and the most successful features offered by the top of the line apps in the market like UberEats or Favor. 

First things first

Before getting into which features are the ones responsible for the success of UberEats and Favor, it is important to understand the dynamics of this app. There are three ways in which you can use an on-demand food delivery app for business:

  1. Individual Restaurant: If you thought that the food delivery apps are only meant for a one-stop get all kind of a business model, you couldn’t be further away from the truth. The truth of the market today is that customer loyalty is no longer based on simply the quality of the product. People give a lot of weightage to the ‘experience’ of shopping from you. This means that even if you are a solitary and independent business enterprise, your customers would love to find you on your app and order directly from you. This is why; an on-demand food delivery app could click for you. You just launch the app in the geographical location of your restaurant (you can set a radius to which you wish to deliver) and that’s all. Your customers can easily log into the app once and keep ordering their favorite meals whenever they like using your app.
  2. Chain of Restaurants: Many restaurants that have multiple outlets within a city or a country benefit from having an app. This is because the app allows customers to directly place orders to a branch of your restaurant that is closest to their physical location. When they download and log in to the app once, they put in their address. The Google Maps API also can sense their current location. The app automatically finds the branch nearest to your customers and allows them to place orders from it. 
  3. The Aggregator model: This is perhaps the least capital intensive and most financially favorable option. This model works typically when the app owner doesn’t have a restaurant but wishes to provide services as a liaison between the customers and various restaurants. You don’t have to worry about cooking or making deliveries. Your app simply helps in connecting customers with restaurants and delivery drivers. While delivery drivers earn for each run that they make and the restaurants earn for each order taken, you as the app owner will earn a handsome commission every time someone uses the app to place an order for food, regardless of which restaurant the order is placed in. So long as your app is used, you will surely earn money.

Top Features

Now that you know all about the three ways in which you can set up and establish your business in the food delivery market with the help of an on-demand food delivery app based on UberEats or Favor, it is now time to look at their most popular features. 

This is important so that you can establish which are the most important features that your business app too should carry. If there is something already there in the market, people get used to it. When customers fall into a habit of using something in a particular way, it is best to encourage that habit and reap the benefits of the industry disrupted. So, let us get started.

User-Friendly Interface and App Navigability

The soul of this business is the mobile app. This is where your customers will find you. Some would argue it is the first line or the face of your business. This is why you have to focus on ensuring that the app is absolutely user friendly and easy to navigate. 

Please note that and app like UberEats or Favor is not catering to a specific crowd. It is meant for anybody and everybody. This is why it has to be simple and effective. If you check out the UberEats app, you will find that the navigation of the app is so intuitive that anyone who is using the app even for the first time will enjoy the experience. This is something that you have to replicate in your app.

Scheduling Food Orders

While some people argue that there is no need for this feature, it is perhaps the one feature that has made UberEats more popular than its competition. While most people order food when they need it, there is also no doubt about the fact that there is an odd sense of comfort when it comes to being able to place food orders beforehand and getting confirmation. Let us say for example that your customer is planning a party or a get-together. Wouldn’t it be best for him or her to be able to look for items, decide on a menu, and find it to place orders before they have guests standing in front of them demanding food? Make sure that your app is an UberEats clone so that you too can enjoy the benefits of this feature.

Ease of Payment

Like mentioned before, it is of paramount importance to understand that this app is intended for everyone. Everyone needs food. Regardless of their device, or their location, everyone will at some point in time wish to order food from restaurants. Considering this diversity one also has to bear in mind that the preferred mode of payment for all your users will also be different. 

While some may choose to pay using their credit cards, others may rely on debit cards. There will also, however, be people who believe in making payments using the Cash on Delivery option. Not having any one of these modes can almost invariably guarantee the loss of a certain section of your customer base. Speak to your app developer or the white-label mobile app development company tasked with building your on-demand food delivery app based on the clone of UberEats or Favor to make sure that the process of making the payment is easy for the customers regardless of which payment mode they want to choose.

Real-Time Tracking

This is perhaps the most exciting feature of food delivery apps. It is almost like magic. You get to surf the app for your favorite items based on cuisines or star ratings of restaurants and place the orders and then, a tiny bike on the screen of the app will show you how far the delivery driver is from your location. The app also tells you the estimated time of arrival for the order to your doorstep. 

This feature is not just a very utility based one; it is something that most on-demand food delivery app users spend the maximum amount of time on. Make sure that your app developer or white label mobile app Development Company that built your on-demand food delivery app like Favor or UberEats integrates the Google Maps API into your app. You might also want to focus on getting cute graphics for this screen so that the wait time of your users is entertaining and pleasant.

Easy Download and Log in

Make your app findable. We have already discussed the multitudes of competition in this business. This is why you have to make sure that your application’s logo is very easy to identify and the name of the app is very easy to find and locate. Make sure that it doesn’t sound or read like any other brand otherwise you will unwittingly lose your business to your competitor brands. People will reach the app stores to look for you, only to end up downloading and using someone else’s app.

The next step that involves logging in is the one page that maximum users bounce off of. The process of log in MUST, at all costs, be EASY. If it is too tedious for a user to log in to the app, if there are too many unnecessary personal questions asked for registration, people will be quick to discard your app in favor of someone else’s. This is why simplifying the process of logging in with the help of popular social networking sites such as Facebook or even Gmail might be a good idea. You may also provide an alternative form for registration for customers who prefer to fill it up rather than using pre-saved credentials from other sites.


On the whole, having the right bunch of common features is the cornerstone to success in the on-demand food delivery business. Of course, there is a whole boutique of advanced features that your app should be endowed with, but unless you have these 5 features down to pat, there is no chance of achieving success in your business. So, take a note of all of the above-mentioned features and get cracking with the business of your dreams to make big bucks as quickly as possible! All the best!

Author Bio:

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.



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