How to Provide Effective Early Childhood Education

A learning opportunity for the students is the creation of a garden farm the students and the types of plants grown in the garden. Adaptations to the curriculum need to be made to achieve these objectives. The children will then be paired up into groups of two and ask each other if they have seen a kitchen garden and what is grown in that kitchen garden and submit a list of the crops they know are planted in the kitchen garden.

This helps to understand the prior knowledge of the students towards the topic. Other adaptations include the use of multimedia resources, for instance, the children will watch a short clip through the use of a projector about the different types of kitchen gardens and the different things grown.

The students will then get to draw the kitchen gardens at home and how they look like. This would help the student to recall and apply what they know and just learned. The students will then be asked to develop a model of a kitchen garden using modeling clay and using different colors of the clay to represent different plants.

According to Assignment help, this lesson play, therefore, helps to understand the prior knowledge of the children, integrate the prior knowledge as well as enable the children to recall concepts learned to show their understanding and transfer what they have learned to a different area.

Scenario 1:

In early childhood education concepts such as ideas of systems, change, and cause and effect relationships are taught to children. Cause and effect is a critical concept for children to understand as it applies to their lives. To put it scientifically for every reaction there is an opposite or equal reaction. Technology can be used to promote the teaching of cause and effect in early childhood education.

The first lesson to teach children cause and effect using technology is presenting the children with tablets. The first task involves asking the children to turn the tables on and off using the start button on the side and note what happens when they push the first and the second time.

The children, therefore, learn that the act of pressing the power button once causes the tablet to turn on while pressing it the second time would cause it to turn off. The children, therefore, will note down what they have learned from this experience helping to evaluate that the child has understood the key concept or cause and effect. 

The second activity will be planned by providing the children with a digital game such as Super Mario. The children will be asked to press the forward, jump, and back key and observe what happens to Super Mario on the screen before noting it on a piece of paper and handing it to the teacher. 

The students will still be using tablets for this exercise, and the written paper will be used as formative assessments to determine if the children have understood that one action causes something else to occur. Tablets will still be used to promote understanding of cause and effect, and the teacher will aim to develop their understanding of these concepts through a multimedia exercise.

The exercise will involve playing another game such as Temple Run and will be asked to tilt their screens and observe what happens to the character and note how their actions affect the characters. The educator will go around reading the answers provided by the students to determine the extent to which they have understood this concept.

Scenario 2

Homework help states that as an educator, it is important to understand the emotions being experienced by the children. Children experience a lot of emotions, and it is the duty of the educator to understand them and helps the children cope with what they are experiencing.

In the case of Manuel taking Damien’s shovel while they are playing and Damien crying identifies that Manuel does not feel that Damien’s crying is an issue and that he is not obligated to return it. Damien feels sad and angry that his friend could take his shovel while they were peacefully playing.

Strategies such as confronting the child and asking him to put himself in the shoes of Damien if the reverse had happened would help Manuel to understand the feelings of Damien helping to cope with the situation. 

Another Example

LaToya wants to climb the rock wall but is afraid to do so and join the other. Discussing with her why she does not want to climb the rock wall can be an effective strategy that helps Latoya to understand that being afraid is a natural part of life and that she can overcome her fear by trying.

Encouraging and identifying the positive effects of playing and how there is nothing to fear can help to dispel her concerns and help her cope with her situation. Tommy’s is expressing confusion about loyalty on whether to go to the movies with Chuck or go to the sleepover with Mohammed.

Asking Tommy to reflect on his decisions and how to make a decision based on the consequences would help him to become aware of his feelings and better manage the confusion he feels and make decisions on whether to go with Chuck or Mohammed.

Scenario 3

  • Ethical responsibilities to families

-To work with families to provide quality education to children

-Include family members in the decision-making process to develop programs that address the individual needs of each child

-Provision of timely feedback on the performance of the children

– Families will be involved in the development of instructional strategies and strategic planning.

-Treat families with respect for their cultural differences without undermining cultural basis such as religion 

  • Ethical responsibilities to children

-To provide quality education for all children

-To promote equality in the delivery of quality education

-To develop the development of all students to become culturally sensitive individuals

-To provide education that develops the entire child not just academically

-To promote a safe and conducive learning environment for all students

-Ensure that each child is protected within the school by eliminating practices such as bullying.

-Provide a supportive environment for the children to learn and develop their skills

Ethical principles, values and ideals  

  • Ethical responsibilities to the community

-Provide the community with a high-quality education that develops useful members of the society

-To integrate the community into important decision making

-Promote openness and transparency in all educational decisions

-promote policies that not only serve the interests of the school but the community as well

-Teach children morals and behaviors they can use to become more effective members of the society.

  • Ethical responsibilities to colleagues

-Maintain strong professional relationships with colleagues

– Collaborate with colleagues to discuss and integrate effective educational strategies to the school

-Share necessary resources to achieve objectives of the school

– provide informational and other forms of support to new colleagues

-To respect each colleagues

-To ensure that colleagues exercise professional behavior when conducting their duties

-To follow all policies and the law governing the behavior of an educational professional

-to respect everyone especially those in positions of authority within the school.

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