Kik is responsible for a teen Murder: An alarming sign for parents

The instant messenger kik is the very famous app which enables users to remain unknown and very attractive for young teenagers. After a shocking death of young 13-year-old young tween “Nicole Madison Lovell,” it is an alarming sign for parents to protect their teens from online activities especially on Kik messenger. The social messaging kik has become the epicenter of online predators. 

What really happened?

The two tech-students from Virginia have been charged with murder of young 13-year-old tween. There is still some ambiguity that on what evidence police has arrested the 18-year-old teenager David Eisenhauer. The details are not so clear, but it was reportedly stated that the victim girl Nicole was leading a dreamy life online and use to of meeting with the people by using the Kik messenger app which has been already bane by the law enforcement agencies a few years ago. The instant messaging app allows user to stay anonymous and enable to make searches by the age and even allow users to send photos which cannot be stored on cell phones. It is popular for teens, tweens and even in predators. 

Other Incidents

It is very hard to see every day to a victim exploit with the help of social apps such as Kik, Lt. James Bacon, and the head of Fairfax County Police Department’s child exploitation unit. 

The unit has been caught red-handedly to senior counterterrorism service man, Daniel Rosen while making a trust with the young child on Kik social networking app. Finally, he found guilty of stalking and sentenced 32-months in prison. It is obvious that he is not the only one who was playing this dirty game.  

Kik social messaging app has become a terrible thing, “Bacon further added that. “ It is very useful for predators because it keeps them anonymous and they can become anyone they want to be. 

Parents should use Kik spy

It is true that incidents like that make parents insecure and frightened. But, every problem has a solution. However, the contemporary technologies come forward and provide the solution for such issues. The kik spy app is one of the best solutions for parents in order to protect their kids and teens from all kind of online dangers. Kik spy software enables parents to keep an eye on their kids and teens activities all day long. Parents can monitor all the text messages which teens and tweens have sent and received by their online friends or strangers. They can even spy on group chat and conversations with the help of the world greatest spy app. Now parents don’t need to worry about teens bad habits of sending their pictures and images to the strangers because they can see all the multimedia files sent by them such as images, photos, videos, stickers and Emojis as well. The track messenger spy app is the ultimate tool to secure teens from all nightmares which they are facing in the modern digital world no time ever before. 


We are living in the twenty-first century where parents are enabled to keep their hidden eye on their kids and teens online activities and look after them 24/7 without physical presence. 

Radhe Gupta
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